Money and Your Wallet - A love Story

Money and your wallet - a love story more tragic than Twilight?

Money affects so many aspects of our lives that conflict becomes inevitable if couples don’t know how to manage their finances together. So it’s hardly surprising that a recent couples counselling [Relate] survey identified money worries…
More About Jill Hughes and Money Magnet

Wealth Mentor/ Best Selling Author- Jill Hughes

What about Wealth? Wondering about wealth? Welcome to a home for motivated people like you who aim to revitalise your relationship with wealth and money. Wouldn’t it be great to offload all the stress, fear and panic…
Make Passion Your Paycheck

7 Tips to Purse Your Passion!

Purse Power -want to pull more money to your purse? The other day I was thinking about how to love what you do and add passion power to your pay check. This got me pondering how to sum it up succinctly and here’s what I came up with:…