Top Indie & Self-Publishing Tips (Part 2)

Quill On Old Book - Self Publishing Tips by Jill Hughes

Marketing – let the real work begin?

Oh dear, to continue the equine theme – this is one of those cart and horse, which comes first things isn’t it? And just when you’ve dedicated months/years to finishing your book you’re expected to switch from flat racing and pace to plot arcs and hurdles – whoa! So, the finish is just the beginning? Yes, it’s a two-circuit track, like the Grand National. Really there’s a school of thought which says that it’s advisable to start building your Author Platform before you write your book – or at any rate at least begin thinking about it. So, where do you start?

Try running a Google search on Amazon top 100 bestsellers, pick some authors that resonate with you and check out their websites and blogs. This way you can glean lots of ideas and see what works and what doesn’t. Then you can start thinking about developing [having it developed?] your website and starting a blog. A good place to start with your website would be an author website e.g. Jill Hughes Author, where you can add your books as and when they’re released. The observant amongst you will have noticed, no doubt, that I did not follow my own advice – my own website has a wider focus and includes Wealth Mentoring, amongst other things, my books are on the Books By JJ Hughes page.

Then, just when you thought it couldn’t get any more complicated or time consuming you enter the realms of Social Media marketing, at which point I switch from being a hot-blooded thoroughbred to a cold-blooded cart horse. When it comes to Social Media marketing I proceed not at a brisk trot but a staid old plod before grinding to a halt. But I have an idea – yes, you’ve guessed – out source it. Now you are no doubt beginning to realise how the self-publishing budget stacks up, and up. I guess you’re wondering, is it really worth it? In pure financial terms, perhaps not, most writers don’t hit the big bucks – but an increasing number of Indie and self-published have and many more are on track. So, if you’re still reading this you’ve decided to hang on in there. Great.

Calling all aspiring/improving self-help authors

First I’d like to look at the self-help market which is a great place to start and as some of you will be aware I write both fiction and self-help books. Personal development and self-help is a big and booming business, just check out this section in your local book store or on line. Do you have some expertise, are you a specialist? Don’t undervalue your own expertise, and wouldn’t you love to get the book that’s bubbling up inside you out into the world? How about all the benefits that would start to flow your way if your book hit the best seller slot? Your credibility would take off and open the door not just to royalties but more income from clients, speaking engagements, consultancy, workshops, events and on-line programs?

Interested in learning how to write and publish and market a best-selling self-help book? Great, as that’s Geoff ‘s area of expertise and success – he got ‘Inspired by the Passion test’ to the No 1 best seller position on Amazon, and as luck would have it he’s offering some amazing free online training. To find out more Click Here.

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That’s all for now as I’m signing off, leaving you with plenty to be thinking about I trust. More about Marketing in the next blog.

In love and light.

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