HAPPINESS – That Elusive Dream: Part 1

Happy days! And welcome to this week’s blog, where we look at what I would say is an indispensible pillar to a successful, purpose-filled, and most importantly of all – A HAPPY LIFE!

Happiness is such an ethereal word – hard to capture, hard to define and perhaps even harder to practice on a daily basis. I mean to say, how many times have you gotten out of bed in the morning dreading what the day had in store for you? Not at all surprisingly, on those particular days, guess what? The day presented you with all the misgivings that you thought it would. Probably, without even realizing it, you created your own self-fulfilling prophecy – that’s awesome! Why is it awesome to have a shitty day? Well, simply put, if you can create for yourself the exact same shitty day that you thought lay in store for you – well newsflash people – you can turn that around one hundred and eighty degrees and create for yourself, the perfect, happy day.

Now before you start jumping up and down and thinking this woman must be in some sort of drug-heightened nirvana to suggest that happiness is that simple; let me assure you that the only thing I am high on is – LIFE! Anyone and yes, I do mean YOU can embrace happiness if you really want to. 

Absolutely the very first thing we need to get clear in our minds is that happiness IS actually a choice. It is a personal choice that we can make every single day. We weren’t born with a permanent scowl on our faces – we just made the choice to view the world from that perspective.

I’m certain we can all come up with oodles of justifications why we should be unhappy;

  • “Our job sucks”,
  • “Our spouse doesn’t understand us”,
  • “I never have enough money”,
  • “My kids are a pain”, and so on and so on; ad infinitum.

But… what, on our beautiful green earth, is the benefit to us and to everyone around us from choosing to be unhappy? It is the most pointless of decisions that we can make, and yet regularly do make. Many of us continue on, blissfully, every day, making this incredibly odd decision to not be happy.

“That’s just insanity!”

It reminds me of a very famous quotation by one of my favourite thinkers; the original Henry Ford. He said; “If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got.”

Being unhappy has brought you what exactly? More unhappiness! Right? So isn’t it time you tried something new? Try happiness instead and marvel at the quick turnaround in every aspect of your life. Your state of happiness or otherwise directly impacts on EVERY area of your life.

It seems such a simple thing; choosing to be happy, and yet so many of us just don’t understand what it is we should do to actually make that choice. Really and truly it isn’t that difficult to make some small adjustments to your routine and your outlook to make your life happier and more fulfilled.

Make sure you check back for Part 2 of this Happiness Blog, when I’ll be giving you some very specific and practical steps on how to acquire that most elusive of all emotions: HAPPINESS!

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Spirit of Prophecy by J.J Hughes - Book Launch

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  1. Rea Nobleza
    Rea Nobleza says:

    Wow – what a thoughtful article, I can’t wait for part two so I can get some practical advice on happiness. Especially today, with the tragedy in Christchurch hanging over our heads. It’s hard to be happy when the world is in such a mess.

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