Inner Voice

Fully engaged listening is a great gift which you can give not only to others, but also essentially and crucially to yourself.

Compulsive over thinking is becoming a collective malaise.

The world is getting noisier, we are bombarded by a tsunami of messages with skillful hooks designed to get us to buy, to have and to acquire. Consumer driven society programmes us to spend by linking products, and services to ego needs : sex appeal, status, prestige and so on. Top brands are all advertised and marketed in a way to trigger emotions. Yet this drumbeat of more, more, more…me, me, me…. doesn’t make us feel better. It takes from us, depletes and diminishes us.

We can be left feeling drained and scared that we don’t have enough, propelled by a compulsion to do more, get more, be more, but scarcity is just a toxic myth created by “must-buy-more” merchants. What we have is not so much a scarcity issue but rather an allocation problem, not limited resources but limited distribution. So now, more than ever, it’s important on occasions to reacquaint yourself with silence and attune with your inner voice.

The aim of this page is to share the top beneficial tips in the form of small easy steps which can be incorporated simply into your daily routine.

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