Inspired by The Passion Test

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What the book is about

Over the past 10 years so many people have told stories of how The Passion Test has affected their lives — how figuring out their top 5 passions has allowed them to make passion-based decisions — and as a result, how they’ve created relationships, careers, lifestyles, health, and abundance beyond their wildest dreams!

And that’s what this book, which I co-authored is all about: it’s a collection of 16 true stories by me and my colleges from 8 countries whose lives have been transformed.

By reading these inspiring stories, we hope it will help you too will break through those blocks that hold so many of us back in our career, health, relationships or mindset. If you’re ready to let go and make a major passion-based paradigm shift then this book is for you…

You’ll find Inspired by The Passion Test an easy and engaging read, packed with inspirational stories and practical tools — AND, to celebrate the book’s release each of the authors is offering a gift with when you order a copy.

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We are also thrilled to advise that ALL the proceeds from the sale of the book will go to the I Am Foundation, a non-profit organisation that has impacted over 1.1 million lives in over 50 countries with its book gifting programs. So when you order our book you’ll be helping children build self esteem, resilience and social entrepreneurship skills.

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