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Chinese People’s Republic: The New Nazi State?

China Banner - Reeducation Camp inmates constrated with Entrance to Auschwitz - Awakening Alchemy

Neville Chamberlain and Adolf Hitler Sign an Accord - Awakening Alchemy The word “appeaser” has been around for many years, but it entered our awareness after British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain returned from Berlin with the Munich Agreement, concocted with German Chancellor, Adolf Hitler, in his hand. Standing on the steps of the plane, Chamberlain waved the agreement and declared: “Peace for our Time.” Hitler had promised to stop his invasion of surrounding countries and settle for what Germany had already claimed. Subsequently, of course, Germany, under Hitler, continued its rampage through Europe and perpetrated the most heinous crimes against humanity, including the mass extermination of over six million Jews, Gypsy’s, Homosexuals and other “undesirables”. Not surprisingly, Chamberlain and his ilk were labeled as “appeasers” for believing in Hitler’s lies and subterfuge and not stepping in sooner to act against this barbaric insanity.

Buddhist Temple in Midong, Urumqi, Xinjiang - Awakening Alchemy

Buddhist Temple in Midong, Urumqi, Xinjiang

Now, some eighty years later, the world’s eyes are turning to China and its Government. Please do not be distracted by the Covid 19 propaganda war currently going on between the super- powers. Instead ask the deeper questions; much the same questions we asked of Nazi Germany all those years ago. Are you lying to us about what you are doing in your own country, to your own people? Are we appeasing China and looking the other way, as horrific abuses take place inside this state-controlled and regulated megalith? Are the mechanizations of the Chinese State the new Nazis, with their ethnic cleansing of Uyghurs in Xinjiang province? Does China have the West over such a financial barrel that we are prepared to turn a blind eye to the gross human-right’s abuses that appear to be happening daily over there?

I think so, and I have been lobbying MP’s – Jeremy Hunt, former Foreign Secretary and Health Minister, alone has responded positively [thank you]. So far – Alok Sherman: Business Minister’s assistant replied querying my address – great detective work guys – maybe a more productive angle could be less-jobs-worthy and actually looking at the genocide going on right under your noses [which is the central point I’m raising] and adjust our trading policies accordingly, maybe? But at least I got a reply. Keir Starmer [Labour Party and Opposition Leader] doesn’t even have an autoresponder yet! [Der?]

Anyway, are we going to “appease” China and Xi Jinping in the exact same way we initially “appeased” Germany and Adolf Hitler all those years ago? Will we look back on this time and say, “if only”? Or is it time for the rest of the world to tackle China and say – NO MORE!?

Organ Harvesting:

Uyghurs Attending Reeducation School in Xinjiang - Awakening alchemy

Re-Education Classes in Xinjiang

Rumours of the Chinese harvesting organs have been around for some years -too many! In 2005, Dr Lavee a surgeon in Israel was caring for a patient who required a heart transplant – a procedure which has long waiting lists for suitable organs for transplant. He was advised by his patient that a suitable heart had been located, in China, and the operation would take place in two-week’s time. What immediately stands out here is that you CANNOT book organs in advance. They cannot be frozen awaiting implantation. To provide an organ on demand, like this, there can only be one possible option – the Chinese knew exactly when the donor was going to die and where (because they were going to kill the donor, on demand). Horrified, Dr Lavee, the son of a refugee from a Nazi Concentration Camp alerted the Israeli Government to what he felt was happening and thankfully the Israeli’s banned its citizens from getting transplants from China. This raises an important question, though: how do we treat a country which systematically murders its own people, for their organs, on an industrial scale, for no “crime” other than their ethnicity or their religion? They don’t even give the victims anaesthetic. They just paralyse them, crack their bodies open and rip the organs out. So, screaming aside, what would you do about it?

China’s Ethnic, Religious and Political Cleansing:

  • Mass Incarceration:

Falun Gon Members in Red and Yellow Costumes Dance - Awakening Alchemy

Falun Gong Members Cultural Practice

The Washington Post and Daily Mail both estimate up to three million people have been incarcerated in the region of Xinjiang, mainly in camps built since 2017. The vast majority of these incarcerated citizens are from the Turkic Muslim group known as Uyghurs. In addition, religious groups such as Falun Gong, [more about them in a future blog in this series] Christians and Tibetans have found themselves in these camps, as “enemies of the State” for their “extreme” views of exercise, meditation, truthfulness, compassion and tolerance.

The Chinese Communist Party has labelled many of these people as terrorists, [rather like an anti-terrorist campaign against exercising Grannies this!] but they justify their camps under the guise of “poverty alleviation”. What this really means is: forced labour and re-education (brainwashing if you will). The ultimate aim of these camps is to destroy the culture and “breed out” the very Uyghur ethnicity, itself. Many of those in the camps were first placed there for their “failure to allay suspicions of their activities”. For example, even the possession of the WhatsApp messaging system can see a person thrown into one of the Chinese Camps.

The prisoners are sometimes blindfolded, cuffed and herded on to trains in large groups after getting their heads shaved. Torture is said to be rife inside. [See the Drone film below-remind you of anything this?] The inmates supposedly spend their time retraining for various vocations by singing the national anthem repeatedly, learning Mandarin Chinese and thanking the CPE for its hospitality. They serve at least a year inside the camp, at which point they must convince various committees they’ve been reformed. Then they are often sent into forced slave-labour in China’s factories or fields. Once they make it home from the slave-labour, they are followed, monitored and “should not leave the line of sight for one year.” In the cities of Xinjiang, there are surveillance cameras covering every front door. If the prisoners get home, they might find someone new in their bed with their wife, as mandated by the CPE. Take a look at this drone footage of one such camp to get some idea of what is going on:


  • The “Pair Up and Become Family Program”:

As reported in the mainstream Australian media: News.com.au, Han Chinese men stay with and sleep in the same beds as Uyghur women. This is “mass rape”, a Uyghur activist, Rushan Abbas told the reporter. The Chinese government is offering Han men money, housing and jobs to come and marry Uyghur women. If the women or their families object to such a marriage, they will be branded as Islamic extremists for refusing to marry an atheist Han Chinese man. In mass wedding ceremonies, the Uyghur culture and ethnicity is being forcibly bred out of existence. Watch one such mass wedding with commentary, here, on Twitter: https://twitter.com/RadioFreeAsia/status/1251286209894244356

  • Poverty Alleviation and Profiteering:

Uyghur Peasant Forced to Pick Cotton Weighed Down and Stooped - Awakening Alchemy

Forced Labour

Much of what the Chinese are doing to the Uyghur people is about the almighty buck: MONEY! One particular industry is tightly bound up in the forced labour of the Uyghur camp internees – that industry is cotton. China produces around 22% of the world’s cotton and around 80% of this comes from the Xingjian region. “Coerced labour” is now an intrinsic part of the cotton supply-chain and where does that labour come from? Re-educated Uyghur’s of course. Many clothing brands, popular in the West, such as Muji and Uniqlo, actually use their use of Xinjiang cotton as one of their major marketing points. Despite the use of Xinjiang cotton by many of your high-street retailers, such as H&M, Esprit, Adidas, and many more, plus the location of a major Volkswagon plant in Xingjian, you may soon understand that these coerced, “slave-labourers” may in fact be the lucky ones in this sad and sorry story. Time the BUCK stops here?

  • Chili Paste Self Sterilisation:

In order to counter Uyghur separatism there is a clear attempt to restrict the Uyghur birth rate, whilst at the same time, increase the Han fertility rate in Xinjiang. Escapees from the camps have brought with them horrific tales of woman having chili paste forcibly rubbed on their private parts. The women in these camps are routinely raped by the Han prison guards and if pregnant when arrested, women are frequently forced to have brutal abortions, cutting the women open and ripping out their foetus’, without even the use of anaesthetic. As if this wasn’t enough horror, reports have come from escapees, of medical experimentation, ahead of harvesting of organs. Reports also abound of institutional infanticide within the prison compound. If a Uyghur couple were to have a baby in custody, nurses would administer a supposed antibiotic to the baby, who would then die within three days. The medical team’s routine answer to the mother’s frantic queries about her baby: “Your baby was too weak to handle the antibiotic being administered.”

  • More On Organ Harvesting:

Tradiotional Chinese Costumed Wedding - Bride in Red and Groom in Blue - Awakening Alchemy

A Traditional Chinese Wedding

Newly admitted inmates in the compound are given a wide variety of medical examinations (for their “well-being”). Their blood, DNA, tissues, and their organs are all tested to see if they are suitable candidates for organ harvesting. As we saw earlier foreigners can “book” organs for up to two weeks in advance, but more telling are the statistics on organ transplants in China itself. It is estimated there are somewhere between sixty and ninety thousand organ transplants every year in China, yet Chinese government statistics tell us there are only about 5,000 eligible donors in China per year – somewhere the maths has gotten screwed up. Where do all these extra organs come from? NOW WE KNOW!

  • Live Harvesting:

Reports coming out of Xinjiang paint a horrific picture of just how this organ harvesting is conducted. Organs are much more useful to a recipient when they have been taken immediately after death, with less chance of rejection but taking them from a live patient is preferable. These innocent people are having their organs removed, not only whilst they are still alive but without any anaesthetic. Barbarism at its most extreme! The Nazis and the infamous Dr Mengele would be proud of the large-scale barbarism currently taking place in our “so called civilised” world.

To the average reader, sitting back in their comfortable armchair reading this, shaking their head and saying, “No! This can’t possibly be true – not here, now, in the twenty-first century. We have moved on as a humanity – we would never allow this to happen again! Fake news, surely? Where is the proof?

Opening Sppech of The China Tribunal: Sir Geoffrey Nice Chairman - Awakening Alchemy

Sir Geoffrey Nice – Chairman of The China Tribunal

Much of what is written here comes directly from the Independent Tribunal into Forced Organ Harvesting of Prisoners of Conscience in China, known as the China Tribunal. The Tribunal began hearing evidence in December 2018 and gave its final judgement in September 2019, presenting it to the United Nations Human Rights Council. In our next blog, we will be looking more closely into this Tribunal, its working and its findings.

Perhaps, the biggest concern for those of us horrified by the actions of the Chinese Communist Party is that all of this may be overshadowed, overlooked and swept under the carpet, in the wake of Coronavirus that is sweeping the world in now 2020 and monopolising our attention.

We cannot allow that to happen. The people of China deserve to know what their political masters are doing and keeping secret from them. They would be as horrified by this as we are, but they have no clue about it due to their Government’s relentless control of the media and censorship of the internet. Meanwhile our Governments and Big Corps sweep it under the carpet for the sake of THE GLOBAL ECONOMY – is that a live, breathing human being or just a thing?

The entire world needs to stand up and say NO!







Just – NO!!!!!

All of the research that I have relied on for this blog is a summary [with permission to share] of an excellent, fairly lengthy paper written for The Fleet Street Letter, first published in January 2020 and written by Nickolai Hubble and Boaz Shoshan at Southbank Investment Research – they usually turn their considerable analytical talents to matters financial. All credit must go to these two for exposing the horrendous and untenable practices that are currently being undertaken by the Chinese Government. You can read the full article here:


You may wish to take a look at this harrowing cartoon strip about the plight of a Uyghur woman which
went viral and has been viewed by more than 25 million people all around the world. It was
created by a Japanese cartoonist (which is why you probably haven’t seen it yet) Read it here.

In a future blog we’ll be looking the China Tribunal’s sterling work. Thank you for taking the time to read this, please share this near and far to open the world’s eyes to these heinous crimes against humanity.

Until the next instalment, I want you to ask yourself:

Will I be an Appeaser?

Will I be an Apologist?

OR Will I take Action and agitate for justice?


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