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What about Wealth?

Wondering about wealth? Welcome to moneymagnet.global: a home for motivated people like you who aim to revitalise your relationship with wealth and money. Wouldn’t it be great to offload all the stress, fear and panic that money issues can create and get relaxed and serene instead?

You’ve heard about the ‘4 hour working-week,’ where you set up passive income streams that come rolling-in as reliable as the tide reaching the shore and without too much interpersonal intervention or involvement, whilst you enjoy the sun-lounger-and-laptop-lifestyle, and you’re thinking –yes, I’ll have some of that thank you very much. Meanwhile Hans from Hamburg –or where ever- wafts in with his towel and beats you to it and you’re relegated to the back row in the dingy shade. So does this 4 hour idyllic state really exist or is it more hype than actually happening?


I’m Jill Hughes and I have extensive experience in Investment banking in the City of London and on Wall Street, New York. I’m well versed in property and real estate investment, which can be a great source of passive income and capital appreciation – provided you know how to avoid the many scams and traps out there. Now I’m an AuthorPreneur busy building a platform brick by brick, learning about blogging, e-books, on-line courses and self- publishing. As for CRM and SEO, well until recently I wouldn’t have had a clue, even if they bit me on the butt. But [excuse the pun] I’m certain of one thing: I really want to help others, and all the things I’ve learned through sheer hard graft, through endless trial and error and years of sometimes painful experience, I’ll distil for your benefit in a way that’s easy to understand and quick to implement. Along the journey that I hope you’ll share with me, I’ll do my best to keep things inspiring with a shot of hilarity injected here and there.


The primary place I share this info is via my weekly Blog posts on a variety of topics from money, all matters material from property, stocks and shares, to Bitcoin, and my current trend which is Writing. Yes- we all have a book in us, and according to Hemingway, ‘Writing isn’t hard, all you have to do is sit at your type writer and bleed.’

Cheers, mate? But I guess when he wrote, ‘For whom the bell tolls,’ that was a cryptic clue as in this-guy-has-a-glass- half- empty- world- view?

Anyway, if you’d like to get all the stuff they don’t tell you, and certainly not in an orderly easy to follow fashion without a hefty price tag, plus with a bit more optimism than Himself above, then you could do worse than to sign up  for my Newsletter. Don’t worry you won’t be inundated, frankly what with blogs,[Argh] articles[Oh dear] and the much neglected novel writing, [Ha-ha] I’m not sure how the Newsletter[s] will actually materialise. Please email me your congratulations if one ever does actually get acquainted with your in-box.

Just drop me a tweet


Life, the Universe and all that, and I’m obliged to point out the obvious i.e. I don’t have all the answers, I’m not a qualified IFA [but sadly I’m still SEO/CRM certified clueless] and those ‘in the know’ [where ever-the-heck it’s moved to on social media or out there in cyber space…] inform us lot who devour ‘XYZ for Dummies’ books on Kindle, if, as and when we can find the charger, that learning is a lifelong occupation.

As Benjamin Franklin, said, ‘An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.’

Anyway, like Dorothy on the yellow brick road, I’m delighted to share the wealth of  things I’ve learned along the way to Emerald city. You may like what I’ve got to say or my message may not be your caramel latte: with or without sprinkles. Meanwhile if you could land on, not just flutter by, my website, while I’m sunning myself on lounger with Hans and laptop, that would be melty. It would be even better if you’d complete the ‘OPT –In’ thingy and handover your email address –in the bad old days it used to be notches on bedposts, trophies, collecting coins, stamps, birds eggs, butterflies and the like – now  anything goes as long as it’s an email address or ideally a 100,000+. So, hurry up and hand yours over……do you really want me to be stuck at 99,999 for ever?


Finally, Phil arrives to give Hans the big E…

  1. Money and scams go together like wasps and jam, so it’s far better to get some assistance and avoid soggy feet and sticky wings-Yuck.
  2. Conjure up a vision of money flowing like Pooh-Bear with his paw in a fresh pot of runny honey-Yum.
  3. Get crystal clear on why you’re here and fast track to your Life Purpose-Da-dah.

The Mission

To help people get clued up, fired up,

Opened up about money and finances.

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