Creative Whisper Dates

6. Creative Whisper Dates

By now you will have freed up a little time to spend talking with friends over coffee, your spouse at breakfast, engaging with the kids. Terrific, well done! Next it’s time to take yourself on a weekly creative date somewhere reflective, peaceful and quiet. Try visiting a library, it’s free and they are places with special atmospheres. Or a beautiful garden, a national park, a museum, a place of worship – somewhere where you can allow yourself to be touched by the all pervasive peacefulness.

Look at it as time to withdraw from all the external distractions and quietly contemplate. Where silence is the code, the mind can be quiet and the heart can be heard. Art galleries are places which can uplift the spirit and speak to our intuitive senses.

The Salts Gallery near Bradford where David Hockney was born has a permanent exhibition called:

“The arrival of Spring in Woldgate [near Bridlington] East Yorkshire.”

It is a series of IPAD drawings using the Brushes App, depicting the same scenery on a specific day between January 1st and 31st May. Hockney artfully captures the interludes in time between the changing seasons. The work celebrates the fleeting moments and reminds us of the importance of the joy we can get from looking very closely at what we see – in this case the same landscape scenes passing through different seasons captured in different lights.

“Send me a ray of light to get through the dark days”