Connect With Nature

8. Connect with Nature

AngelMany people accept that we can communicate in some way with animals and perhaps even plants. A German forest ranger, Peter Wohlleben has discovered that trees have social networks too, [the wood-wide-web]. Read his book “The Hidden Life of Trees”, or try “The Secret Life of Trees”, by Colin Tudge. Although many might struggle with the concept of talking to inanimate objects, according to Shamanic wisdom and the Gaia Hypothesis [James Lovelock] everything is alive. Native Americans call rocks and crystals “the stone people”, and folklore suggests that when choosing a crystal to work with, you choose the one which speaks to you.

Increasing awareness of the earth energies and its impact is drawing more people to visit sacred sights and energy hot-spots such as Stonehenge in Salisbury, Wiltshire, Mount Shasta in California, Sedona in Arizona, Delphi in Greece, Machu Picchu in Peru, the Great Pyramids in Cairo Egypt and numerous other sites. People are drawn by the energy that seems to heal, recharge and uplift their spirits.

It is positive to choose to spend time with people and in places with good loving and joyful vibrations, in order as Denise Linn, internationally respected healer and teacher, of Native American heritage [] quaintly puts it to “squiggle faster.” Impact is a two way process, we give energy to and absorb energy from everything around us.

We can have an impact on the world and places and people can have an impact on us. Those people who believe in re-incarnation believe that who we are today is the sum of all our previous life time experiences and their energy patterns which can be read in our charts or the Akashic records (the compendium of thoughts, events and emotions stored on the non-physical plane).

Soul Realignment involves accessing the records, if you’d like more information about a reading Contact Me.