9. Nurture

Yoga MeditationEarly man felt a connection between himself and the environment, he saw himself as part of the greater whole. But as man’s intellect grew so did his sense of importance and separateness. He got into competition with other life forms and sought to control them for his own ends.

Life is cyclical, we are all part of an orderly universe : the moon circles the earth, the earth circles the sun, one season follows the next. This is a simple but profound and uplifting way of rediscovering the ancient nature based cultures such as Shamanism. []. The Shamans believe that we all have Animal Spirit Guides.

Meditation stills and quietens the mind, which is necessary to tune into our intuition and listen to our inner voice and guidance. Between every note of music silence resides.

When you are feeling comfortable, without undue distraction, surrounded by ambient lighting, and ready for an uplifting 10 minute interlude:

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