Living In The Moment

2. Living in the Moment

“Grow, be happy, be your best. Live big, aim high and develop your talents: remember nobody yet has figured how to get out of life alive.” – Les Brown

Children with KiteWhen you‘re feeling anxious, stressed or not great in some way, take a few moments to remove yourself from others, so you’re alone and some where without distractions.

– As you sit quietly right now become aware of your surroundings. Look around you, even if the room is familiar, cast a fresh eye around and really notice.

LISTEN – What can you hear right now? Is it the page of a book being turned, or the ticking of a clock?

BREATHE – take a long deep breath, in and out.

FEEL – the weight of your body in the chair, your feet pressing firmly against the ground.

GO INTO THE SENSATION – just allow yourself to feel whatever it is that comes up. Pay attention to what really matters without resistance. The first step is to acknowledge that it exists.

Sit with it for a while. Even if it is pain, don’t try to escape, allow yourself to feel it fully. Acknowledge the emotion. Sit with the emotion a while more. Then when you are ready…..say ; “ Thank you [pain/anger/…?..] for showing up.”

Close your eyes and imagine a laughing child blowing bubbles and running along chasing after them. Another child appears running with a kite bobbing jauntily just out of reach.

Now breathe and give the feeling to the wind. Wave it off, “Goodbye.” Eyes open and stretch, Roll your shoulders and sway your neck.

BE OPEN – Instead of things just blurring into the background bring them into focus. Ask yourself where is the love in this moment? What talks to you? How does it make you feel?

TOUCH – Reach out and touch something –the cool smoothness of the computer screen, or the soft fur of a pet.

GROUNDED – press your feet firmly against the floor, and smile until it gets bigger and becomes a grin. Get up onto your feet, raise your arms above your head, punch the air and say: “YES!”