Make More Of Chores

5. Make More of Chores

bath-time-ready-ladyIf you, like most of us, are experiencing information overload – here are a few things just to slip into your daily routine. P-u-h-lease?

It won’t take long, so give it a try. Some will resonate and get you inspired, others won’t: prepare to grapple with the Marigolds of good intentions [slippery customers these, eh?] A squirt of “fairy – what’s – it” might help…

Stick affirmation notes on the mirror and on the fridge door. [Choose something that resonates with you.] In the morning in front of the mirror it’s a good opportunity to remind yourself ;

“Today I am open to miracles, let unicorns leap through the window and the fairies fly by and take care of the bills.”
“I am fully alive and present in each precious moment, today will be awesome.”
“You are a beautiful person, with terrific energy and a childlike spirit full of laughter and boundless joy.”
“I love myself in every situation, every day, in every way.”

  • When out or on-line shopping you can give thanks for the convenience which frees you from the obligation of spending days of toil planting, gathering and preparing food simply in order to survive. Instead it frees you up to choose, and to have time for more varied and creative activities
  • Washing the dishes, loading/unloading the dish washer – look at the crockery that you use everyday, bond with the soapy bubbles, remember this is an act of love for all who ate this meal.
  • Every meal time is an opportunity to savour the goodness and nourishment that the earth has provided for us.
  • Walking up and down stairs; as you ascend think of how you are aiming higher and reaching for a higher perspective. On the way down think about staying grounded and giving your body the things that it needs – activity, food, rest and so on.

Make bath time a ritual with scented oils and candle light, take time to unwind and relax and make this an opportunity to cleanse yourself of negative beliefs, or to wash away doubts and fears. Or if taking a shower say to yourself; “As this water cascades down upon me let it wash away fears and worries from the day that lies ahead. Let this fresh energy uplift me with confidence and trust.”