3. Use your Intuition

Let’s try focus on the here and now, a place where your inner wisdom can be felt. Intuition speaks to us from within, some people feel it in the gut, others the heart, some have a tingling sensation down the back of the neck. We are guided by our heart, our inner voice or our intuition but all too often the mind and the ego have ways of interfering with the intuitive process.

Here are a few simple steps to re-connect :


Say what you love, and say it out loud, in the shower, in the car, where ever you feel comfortable. Turn your inner radio on and tune in:

hands-heartI love… [big dogs]

I love… [running on the beach on a warm sunny day]

I love… [coffee, freshly brewed, especially first thing in the morning]

I love… [my box sets of Breaking Bad, Orange is the New Black, Game of Thrones]

Notice how that shifts the way you feel right now!


Practice guessing:

I wonder which elevator will arrive first?

I wonder who’s at the door?

I wonder who’s on the phone?

Which of my friends just dropped me an email?

Expect that more often than not you’ll be right!


Be alert to the times when you get those: ah-ah moments, the times when you think, “Oh, so that’s what that was all about.” Or you have a vibe, a gut reaction, that something’s not quite right and you act on it. Maybe it’s an inkling, or a hunch that tells you to pause and change direction. Trust what shows up and be alert for signs and signposts. Coincidences and synchronicity unfold into a kind of slow dance with destiny. Waltz this way…


Invite more intuition to help you in all areas of your life, ask for feedback and guidance.

I wonder if… [I should speak to that person?]

I wonder if… [I should take a short cut home?]

What if… [I decide to join a creative writing group?]

Whenever you can jot your impressions down, e.g. in your Grid Diary, this very act is designed to magnify the occurrences and even after 7 days you’ll be pleasantly wowed at just how much more intuitive you become.