Heart Intelligence: Connecting with the Intuitive Guidance of the Heart

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Learn about connecting with the intuitive guidance of the heart, this method shows how emotions effect the electrical impulses generated by the heart. The Heart Math scientific team are also conducting experiments to establish links between wide scale events effecting a particular region and group of society to try prove if people experiencing natural disasters collectively generate high vibration energy changes. Really interesting, for more click above:

Doves in Flight Meditation with Music by Steven Halpern

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Another of Dr. Eva’s beautiful guided meditations, this time, helping you let go and release anything that no longer serves you to find peace, inner stillness and gratitude.

Enjoy the beautiful music by Steven Halpern along with Dr. Eva’s calming voice.

Dog Listening - Money Magnet E-book

Caleb Storkey’s e-book: Listening Skills – 30 Thoughts for the Day

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Download your free Listening pdf e-book. 66 pages.

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