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Stop Ecocide Banner - Painting by Jaine Rose Abstract - Awakening Alchemy

This Blog Article is Published and Produced in Partnership with STOP ECOCIDE.

Stop Ecocide Loge - Black on Green with Inverted Peace Sign - Awakening Alchemy Ecocide is the extensive damage to, the destruction of or loss of ecosystems of a given territory, by human agency to such an extent that peaceful enjoyment by the inhabitants of that territory has been or will be severely diminished- Polly Higgins the co-founder of a group by the same name ergo, STOP ECOCIDE, was a lawyer who sought to make ECOCIDE a crime.

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Polly Higgins – Stop Ecocide Now

This blog marks a few weeks and one year since the passing of Ecocides’ co-founder, visionary and legal pioneer the late Polly Higgins (1968-2019). My dear Year of Miracles college was a close friend of Polly’s and indeed Polly left her a much treasured motorbike in her will – awesome for the FREE SPIRITED this. Plans for any kind of live event have of course had to be cancelled due to COVID-19, but her team have put together some beautiful online content to celebrate and remember her. Below are two short video pieces created specially – enjoy and feel free to share:

Go Here on YouTube to Watch Polly on the origins of STOP ECOCIDE 

Also you can watch Polly Higgins: Greatness as a Legacy:

It was, of course, also Earth Day on 22nd April 2020, 50 years on from the first Earth Day in 1970. We are delighted to be contributing to several global Earth Day events – from Green Cross Netherlands’ video for the EarthX Conference, to a slot in the LiveHOPE Telefest, to a live talk from Jojo Mehta as part of the Pachamama Alliance’s Voices for the Earth Summit.

Dare to be Great Painting by Jaine Rose

Picture by Jaine Rose, local Stroud artist and Earth Protector

Closer to home, sister charity initiative Earth Protector Communities is launching the first stages of a toolkit for individual and community resilience and regeneration, inspired by Polly Higgins’ recently republished book Dare to be Great.

Dubbed the Earth Protector Quest, you can join to see developments and lots of special Earth Week contributions HERE, including films, interviews, singing celebrations and even a “virtual pub night”! They will also be releasing content on the Earth Protectors Community FaceBook group HERE.


Native American at Sunset on a Horse, Hunting with Bow - Awakening Alchemy Maya Zacharow, Environmental Scientist who grew up near the Black sea, is hosting an Attuning to the Voice of Mother Earth video summit with lots of top speakers giving interviews, over the next few days – she agrees that the regulations are not sufficient, and like the indigenous cultures we need to reconnect with Earth – you can sign up to the series for FREE here



A couple of the ways to improve connection are:

1/ Food Intake and Buying Habits:

Making better choices, more locally sourced, avoid PALM OIL which is attributed to deforestation – e.g. of ancient rainforests and the demise of species such as Orangutang. Check how much forest was felled in Canada or where-ever for those Panic Loo rolls to wipe our botties and aim for recyclable or sustainably sourced versions. Plants- try growing your own:

  • My father was [an Industrial chemist so he knew what actually went into weed killers and fertilisers] – was an outstanding gardener, a prize winning dahlia grower and he only grew organic food, which my mum a bakers daughter and an excellent cook turned into delicious home-made meals.
  • Character Bio from Spirit of Prophecy, Sweetpea the Witch - Awakening Alchemy

    Sweetpea – From Spirit of Prophecy

    He had an allotment in Bingley, West Yorkshire, UK where he became friends with Sweetpea, a white witch, who ran the wrath of the all- male bastions of the Allotment Executive Committee who tried to oust her from the site – my father instigated and raised funds for her defence.

  • You can read about Sweetpea- a fictional character , of the same name here in my novel Spirit of Prophecy.
  • Sadly, my fathers gardening gene seems to have by-passed me – I tend to do the total neglect to death-by-drowning , however I am trying – and have a bit of help!! As you can see:
  • Around Plabts in the Garden - Awakening Alchemy A Blue Garden Shed - Awakening Alchemy

2/ Spend Time in Nature Connecting:

  • Take a walk, in nature, a rest [on a socially accepted bench-distance  – LOL]
  • Watch the trees, the flowers and feel gratitude for the infinite grace and certainty of the rolling seasons.
  • Take an Oracle walk – this is easy and yet SO powerful – check out how to – on my website:
  • Look into Heart Math a pioneering organisation who conduct amazing research looking at the magnetic resonance of our hearts, with highly informed results. They also arrange meditations individual ones such as THE DOVES IN FLIGHT:


These are just a couple of suggestions, as we are remembering Polly and acknowledging all those who understand the importance of making ecocide a crime … as a bridge to the more beautiful world we all want to bring into being. For all of you on a spiritual path, you may believe as I do, that the Earth is Ascending from the physical 3rd Dimension through No-Time on the 4th Dimension to the 5th DIMENSION and as she attempts to throw off the considerable harm inflicted on her over the Eons, she needs our help now more than ever.

In hope and trust, Jill in conjunction with The Stop Ecocide team.


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