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Awakening Alchemy - Composite Picture - The Wall - Twin Towers Collapse and Woman Wearing a Mask - Eagle on Gold Cross

With Deep Respect For All Those Who Lost Their Lives in 9/11 and Covid-19

I’m Jill Hughes and I worked in No 7WTC (World Trade Centre), the 9/11 ‘Hot Smoking Gun’ which clearly demonstrated that the official Federal Government narrative simply did not stack up. At the time, like most people, I completely believed the fake MSM (Mainstream Media) narrative. In fact, it was too painful to look closely at the details, so I accepted the ‘building collapse’ story, felt ‘lucky’ and closed the memories off somewhere in a deep compartment marked ‘do not open’, [which is apparently a classic disassociation pattern common in PTSD]. My life moved on, but many were not nearly so lucky, of course.

Awakening Alchemy - WTC 7 CollapsesYears later, watching a documentary arguing that explosives had probably been used, it made a lot of sense and, that opened a chink in my former belief system. The psychologist on the program looked at the mass trauma effects of the event itself, the battle for truth which is so important for the victims’ recovery but also the wall of disbelief [stone-walling] when it became increasingly apparent that the US Government had not only schemed, plotted this event, but executed it and then persistently, even to this day, perpetuated a cover-up. The psychologist called the closed down disbelief, ‘cognitive dissonance’, and described why many humans react this way; flat denial. After all, to believe that your own Government plotted and executed [or at best enabled and facilitated] an event as horrific as 9/11, against its own people, then went on a murderous ‘War on Terror’ rampage across the Near and Middle East, is shocking in the extreme and it collapses the very foundational values upon which our beliefs have been constructed. Indeed, but if we don’t wise up and wake up, then it’s just going to continue happening – and not for our betterment. Covid19 as terrible as that is, is just the start of the ‘Plan-genda’. Awakening Alchemy - BBC News Report reporting the collapse of WTC7 - 26 Minutes Before it actually happened Yes, I know they have invested a lot in the ‘crazy demented conspiracy theories’ label. Why is that exactly? What’s the ‘Cancel Culture’ closing down so-called-misinformation, obliterating free speech and informed debate, really all about?

Following on from the first blog in this series, looking at 9/11 and predictive patterns for Covid-19, it’s time to take a look at what else was happening on 9/11, behind the scenes. In fact, under the over-arching umbrella of ‘Operation Global Guardian’ there were a series of simulation, war-game exercises underway either on the day or in the run up to 9/11, under STRATCOM Commander Admiral Richard W. Mies. This series of simulated events were usually held in October.

Who Moved the ‘Global Guardian’ War-Games Date Forward?  

Awakening Alchemy 2 Majestic f-18's in Flight against a blue sky This is significant, as it is clearly no coincidence that the war-games were brought forward, to add chaos-confusion and cover to the actual horror occurring at the WTC complex. This indicates that upper brass in Military-Intel Services – Federal Government [regrettably] were involved and in the know!

There were a number of ‘suicide mission – pilot hits building’ preparedness exercises before 2001 and Pentagon personnel rehearsed a plane-attack strike back in October 2000. The hushed-up war-games were subsequently uncovered, as follows:

  1. AMALGAM VIRGO – A NORAD (North American Aerospace Defense Command) drill where hijacked planes were used to attack buildings, this one was undertaken in June 2001.
  2. TIMELY ALERT II – Categorized as a mere ‘coincidence’ that it occurred at the same time as 9/11, it was a force protection exercise. When the planes began hitting the WTC, many involved in ‘Timely Alert’ were heard to comment at the time, “they really outdid themselves on this exercise”.
  3. OPERATION NORTHERN VIGILANCE – On 9/11 North American Aerospace Defence [NAAD] dispatched US Phantom jets and other planes [usually used to protect the East Coast] to Canada and Alaska, tracking Russian maneuvers.
  4. OPERATION VIGILANT GUARDIAN – This was another exercise simulating terrorists hitting buildings with hijacked planes. This came fully out of the woodwork when CIA’s John Fulton gave a presentation at a law enforcement seminar on 6th June 2002, advising that he and a team were running a pre-planned simulation to test emergency response issues if a plane were to hit a building. So, a repeat of AMALGAM VIRGO, except on the actual day of an actual collision on 9/11! Moreover, the target was NRO HQ, namely the spy satellite agency under Joint Forces command.
  5. TRIPOD II – This was a bioterrorist attack response exercise which the Department of Defense and Rudy Giuliani’s Emergency Management team were involved in, due to take place on 12/9 down at Pier 29. Rudy mentioned this, at the same presentation as Fulton, where he was also a keynote speaker.
  6. OPERATION VIGILANT WARRIOR – they are really cagey about this as ‘warrior’ is code for ‘live fly’, so, there were real planes up there simulating terrorist attacks in the middle of the 9/11 haystack! So, all we know is snippets that slipped the net. Pilot Richard Myers, head pilot for the event, said: “we are in the middle of Vigilant Warrior, I got turned back. I’m thinking of the Russian threat. I’m thinking it was a cruise missile from the sea. I look down and see the Pentagon burning but you couldn’t see any airplanes.”

Awakening Alchemy - Heavy USAF Bomber above the white clouds against the blue sky What we can surmise from all of this is that there was an extraordinary level of military operations happening or planned in and around the destruction caused by the planes on 9/11. The question then becomes whether or not these operations were actually designed to confuse the events of 9/11 and raise questions of fore-knowledge and culpability, at the highest levels of our government and our military. It is clear the rank and file military personnel had no idea what was actually happening on that fateful day and with all these strange shenanigans going on, with phony blips and phantom planes on radar screens confusing air traffic controllers, causing disruption, fighter jets off to Canada shadowing ‘Russian threats’ – yeah handy this, leaving the East coast exposed, one live-fly pilot was saying in his opinion the Pentagon was hit by a cruise missile. Arguably, this increasingly looks as if the war-games were in fact used as cover for the operational execution of 9/11. Indeed, Ralph Eberhart went on record saying exactly this, and he was the CINC (Commander in Chief) of NORAD! These war-games were a perfect cloak for rogue US Military units to get away with criminal activity, as the suspicions of non-rogue operatives could be allayed by the usual ‘need-to-know basis,’ or ‘intel requires special security clearance’ and so on. So, the war-games, were smoke-screens and yet another smoking gun – but, who wielded the gun?

Awakening Alchemy - Former U.S. Representative Cynthia McKinney

Cynthia McKinney

At the subsequent 9-11 Commission (formally, National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States) created by President George W. Bush and the U.S. Congress on November 27th 2002, to examine the September 11th 2001, alleged terrorist attacks on the United States, some pointed questions were asked. For example, this was a question feisty Representative Cynthia McKinney raised, namely: ‘Did the war games impair our response?’

Feel the squirms at this pointed question? But laughably, the response came back: ‘No, the opposite, they improved our response’. Clearly not impressed by this, she went on to ask if the exercises had been declared a “National Security Special Event Day”, which would mean that the Secret Service had in fact assumed overall command of the war-games. [Seems highly likely!] No-one appeared to know, or if they did, they were reluctant to admit it. What is especially telling is that nobody appeared then, or now, willing to name the person responsible for the overall coordination of these many and varied war-games.

Awakening Alchemy - Air Force One Under George W. Bush

Air-Force One

It subsequently came to light that while passengers aboard commercial airlines could make phone calls, President Bush circling around on ‘Angel’ the code name for his Airforce One jet, could not. Remember in the first blog in this series, Barbara Olson called her husband [from hijacked flight AA77 which crashed] Solicitor-General Theodore Olson and we asked then, who were the Olsons? Well, they were both solid Republicans and very anti the Clintons. In fact, Barbara Olson was writing a book about K-illary which was published posthumously.  It’s called ‘Hell to Pay: The Unfolding Story of Hillary Rodham Clinton’ as well as ‘The Final Days: The Last Desperate Abuses of Power by the Clinton White House’ and both could be well worth a read. I’ve ordered copies as a mark of respect. The Clinton’s – as called out by former President Trump and many others, are a corrupt, crime family protected by the Deep-State. Many QAnons say the Clinton Family Foundation trafficked children for sex from [but sadly not exclusively] Haiti, where the President Jovenel Moïse was assassinated on July 7th, 2021, and his wife seriously injured. Was that a K-illary Clinton hit? Or, as with the two other leaders from Burundi and Tanzania, Pierre Nkurunziza and John Magufuli whose countries had also refused the Covid-19 Vaccine, was it actually related to Covid-19? i.e. any leader who does not comply with the Covid Cult or gets close to exposing the alleged Clinton-sick-fest, gets ‘cancelled’, or ‘suicided-out’… like Epstein?

Meanwhile, the President of the United States, in the midst of a tsunami of crises, was on MUTE, whilst three of the Intercontinental bombers taking part in the war-games were loaded with real nuclear missiles. The crisis-command chain and contingency procedure communications fell apart, some of the nukes were returned to base, but someone gave the ‘DEFCON 3’ command, which put all the US Military on red-alert.

“Defcon 3: Armed forces readiness is increased above normal levels; Air Force ready to mobilize in 15 minutes – Times when the U.S. has gone to Defcon 3: 9/11 (2001), Yom Kippur War (1973), Operation Paul Bunyan (1976), Post-Four Power Talks (1960).”    

Awakening Alchemy - Donald Rumsfeld and others assist a wounded soldier from the Pentagon on 9/11

Donald Rumsfeld Does ‘His Bit’ at the Pentagon Rescue Effort

Putin was urgently trying to phone Bush to ascertain what was going on; to no avail. The emergency contingency procedure triggered by 9/11 events required that the President and at least nine, in the line of command, evacuate to the underground military bunker in the Blueridge Mountains in West Virginia. Since no one else actually followed the procedure – Cheney and Rice dived into a bunker under the White House, Rumsfeld was in the smouldering Pentagon rescuing people, some couldn’t fly in or were uncontactable, at least two went home to watch it on TV… and Bush was doing an impersonation of a soon due-to-be ‘Fallen Angel’, still circling the skies in a jet that was increasingly low on fuel – only one guy followed the actual protocol! Worst of all, Mr Bush could not even phone his missus and was complaining bitterly about that. What a pyjamas party? Was this really the most militarily prepared nation on Earth? Hmmm!

Again, do you really believe the US government was in such an ill-prepared disarray, or was it feigned incompetence used as cover?

Awakening Alchemy - Collapse of one of the Twin Towers on 9/11

Down She Comes

Indeed. Most curious, since my company. Salomon Brothers had been drilling the-contingency-ass off of us all for several years in the run up to 9/11. I kid you not, they were obsessed with the idea of terrorist attacks, contingency plans, call-trees, codes, and backup plans; you couldn’t even have a bath without your burner-phone. [Till they made us pay for the calls out of our own pockets – then mine had to go and throw itself down the loo!] The alarms went off at our office and a collective groan went up – 45 floors down the stairs are quite an aerobic workout and heaven help you if you did not have your contingency, call-tree papers on your person [at all times] or heaven forbid if your backup phone wasn’t charged. [Sadly, mine drowned or maybe it suicided itself.] As I mentioned in my first blog in this series, as the Twin Towers came down, our back-up contingency site in New Jersey came up; so, business as usual, slick as butter off a hot knife for us. Meanwhile the US Continuity of Government planning falls apart. Curious this – at the time I just thought my company was paranoid because of it being Jewish owned. Looking at this now, with post ‘Q’ opened eyes, were they paranoid because they knew what to expect? Were the US Government really that ill prepared and incompetent? If so, 9/11 would be too complicated for them to plan and pull off alone – enter Mossad. Or was the chaotic incompetence at the top part of the playbook to get the key, high-level players, who should have been in command, out of the way and off the hook?

One of the alleged terrorists, Mohamed Atta’s father told German paper The Bild, “Only Mossad can do this”; that his son had had his passport stolen, that he had been framed, and subsequently killed by Mossad. For those of you that care to do more research on this, you may conclude that this gentleman has joined some plausible dots. Meanwhile, in the context of ‘preparedness paranoia’ Salomon Security Management were totally best buddies with the FBI/CIA etc. The head of our London office invited me out with a number of them and I even dated one of the said FBI agents for a while, albeit I did not know at the time that they, CIA, Secret Services, et al were actually in the same building! 7WTC was the absolute SPOOKs hangout [see 911 blog#1] for more about this. But knowing this, which for me came to light in around 2016, now it makes perfect sense WHY they took 7WTC down. What else was that building hiding?

Awakening Alchemy - WTC 7 on Fire on 9/11

WTC 7 On Fire

So, our Security guys were supper connected with their Intel buddies and just to add to that, our offices had state-of-the-art fire sprinkler systems [which I tested one time when I hopped on a chair with a cigarette lighter (still NY/LA smog back then, so fags were allowed in the office) to put an end to a heated argument with a loudmouth, arrogant, particularly chauvinistic, male trader]. The ensuing, thorough drenching from the extremely efficient fire-sprinkler system finally shut him up and the trading floor were laughing and clapping, as he was universally deemed to be a jerk. Having personally tested it [LOL], I’d say there is no way our sprinkler system wouldn’t have easily quenched the few office fire flames per the banner picture on my earlier blog, nor do I buy that the water tanks were quickly empty or whatever the NISA excuse for the system not doing the job was. No way! This is a company that was exceptionally good at everything it did. If you didn’t 100% cut it, they ‘didn’t stab you in the back, they came at you, head on, with an axe’, or fired you on the spot over the PA system. This is a well- prepared organisation which excelled at risk-taking and risk-management – that building, like the occupants, were ‘The Invincible Ones,’ hence demise by controlled demolition is the ONLY satisfactory explanation.


A fundamental part of organising and running a Psy-Op on this scale is the mouthpiece MSM media, who will relentlessly roll out the desired message in a variety of subtle, layered, message-stacks which amount to brainwashing and propaganda. The CIA were heavily involved in this, along with the Tavistock Centre and the Rockefeller Foundation during ‘Operation Mocking Bird’ in the 1970s. It was disbanded, so they tell us! I’d wager – NOT! Anyway, foreshadowing plays a key role in pre-empting what they are planning – they tell us in advance, to soften us up, so when the event actually happens the public accepts rather than offers resistance opposition. In the first blog in this series, we have planted an image from a famous 1985 Hollywood film which contained an embedded code used to foreshadow and predict 9/11. Can you spot what it is, and how the 9/11 events were foreshadowed back in the mid 1980’s? Clues; involves time travel, TITLE contains 4 words XXXX / XX / XXX / XXXXXX. Please get in touch and email us at support@moneymagnet.global

How do the tragic events of 9/11 itself also foreshadow the Covid-19 pandemic two decades later?

Awakening Alchemy - Artistic Depiction of a Coronavirus - A Ball Shaped Virus With Spikes

Curiously, but not really when you understand the long term plans they lay – back on September 5th 2001 there was a detailed report ‘The Threat of Bioterrorism and the Spread of Infectious Diseases,’ sent to the Chairman of The Council of Foreign Relations[CFR] at the US Senate. Wait a mo, lets reel that back, so they were focusing on Bioterrorism back in 2001 and as Truther Researchers know The CFR is a highly influential Deep-State organisation, Dr Colemen back in the 1960’s argued that the CRF choose and installs every US President, and Secretary of Defence – period. Interesting, since back then the Chairman looking at this BioTerrorism was none other than Senator Joseph Biden – who now mysteriously, given all the claims about election fraud, has been installed as President [by the nefarious CFR we assume] to preside over the current, long-planned Covid-19 pandemic! Remember, all their PsyOps are plotted, planned, and carefully practiced over many decades.

Also, as you may recall there was a Biological Warfare practice event planned for the next day on 9/12, under the overall command of Mayor Rudy Giuliani and headed up by Jerome Hauer. This too is highly significant because we see that Biowarfare was high on the agenda, even back then. Jump in time [again and note the FORESHADOWING films often involve Time Travel too], in 2021, as controversy was raging over the zoological or lab-escape origin of Covid-19, in fact on closer inspection it is even more nefarious; both zoological and lab-escape origin theories are FALSE FLAGS to throw us off the scent. Covid-19 is a concerted and internationally planned, BIOLOGICAL BIOWEAPON attack on Global civilians, just as 9/11 was a deliberate – rogue SPOOK, rogue US / Israel / Saudi / Kuwaiti GOVERNMENT, coordinated and insidiously lethal, physical, so called ‘terrorist attack,’ a PSY-OP in fact. Covid-19 is also a PSY-OP- arguably their biggest yet.

Awakening Alchemy - Biological Warfare - Man in Mask, Goggles and Hazmat Suit Holding a Vial of Virus to Spread Covid-19 is not a new or ‘novelle’ coronavirus – there have been patents on Coronaviruses since 2008, 73 significant ones at least and they all bear the same genetic sequencing, so NOT A NEW virus, just a planned ‘upgrade’ used as a pretext for a pandemic. Said pandemic is actually a long-planned bio-war, intentionally unleashed upon us according to, and after decades-long careful planning. Let that sink in; 73 patents already filed long before the ‘virus’ just suddenly arrived, supposedly from China. But mostly coronavirus was pre-patented in the USA and the UK, overseen and funded by Fauci / Baric and Daszak. There was other input / involvement from Gain of Function L4 labs around the world too, e.g. Canada and Hong Kong. [there will be others – so start digging] The CCP (Chinese Communist Party) ARE to blame line, does not stack up – it is Global and it’s important to understand that ALL institutions world wide are infiltrated and frankly, infested: it is a battle between humanity and ultimate evil. Consider the full ramifications of the degree of  co-operation amongst the Military and International Research Labs: Positively a sneeze-fest party this!

Listen to Dr David Martin here:


talking to lawyer Reiner Fuellmich’s, ‘The World Freedom Alliance’, a group consolidating scientific & medical information, and research as a database resource for lawsuits being filed for CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY around the world.

Let’s start by joining some of the dots up that relate to Mr Hauer, remember him? Prior to working for Rudy as Director NYC Office of Emergency Management; before heading up this outfit he held a number of distinguished posts, and worked at KROLL INC. This company started as private investigators into financial services companies suspected of business malpractice, wrong-doing etc. [A very busy job this eh, with pretty much all of the banks up to their ears in ‘dodgy deals’, money laundering, scams, etc – especially HSBC, but hey it’s a profit party so they pretty much all board the gravy train, right?] In the 1990s my employer Salomon Brothers were hit by the Treasury bond scandal.

Here’s how that all went down:

  • Trader Paul Mozer submitted illegal bids for U.S. treasury securities in August of 1990, attempting to corner the market by purchasing more than the 35% share allowed per transaction.
  • Mozer’s supervisor, John Meriwether, chastised him for the bid when it came to his attention, but let Mozer stay on.
  • In May 1991, the firm cornered the treasury securities market a second time.
  • This time the SEC noticed.
  • Mozer was suspended and Salomon’s was fined the highest fine ever leveraged against a bank, at the time – $290 Million.
  • Gutfreund, the firm’s CEO was forced to resign.
  • The company was on the brink of bankruptcy.
Awakening Alchemy - Picture of Warren Buffet and Quote: You Can't Make A Good Deal With A Bad Person

Really Warren? How Can We Believe?

… at this time the one and only *Warren Buffet* world’s wonder-billionaire, hedge-fund owner, stepped in as our CEO, to steady the Titanic as it were – more about this anon. KROLL INC. provided forensic accountant services so they could follow money trails and they’d typically be hired by private clients to run checks before investing in companies or target them for takeovers / mergers for example. Kroll’s remit expanded and they moved into investigating biological terror attacks. In 1998 Jerome Hauer attended a round table on ‘Genetic Engineering and Bioweapons’ organised by President Clinton. In 2001, the US Military and deeply dubious DARPA (Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency) singled out coronavirus as the best vehicle for developing a bioweapon attack vessel. Yet again more links to ‘Bioweapons’ which are the patterns linking 9/11 to Covid-19. Think about that!

Meanwhile, at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, Ralph Baric is getting on with his Gain of Function experiments with coronavirus, precisely as this had been identified as the best vehicle for a genetically-engineered bioweapon virus. [So, when the DEEP-STATE funded researchers / scientists say ‘we do it to best understand and prepare for a pandemic,’ that is simply not true; big fat fibs! They do it to create and unleash a bioweapon, to cause a pandemic, precisely so they gain CONTROL and make huge PROFITS].

Awakening Alchemy - Picture of Anthony Fauci and Quote: Wear A Mask

Really Tony? – As Believable as Warren Buffet

In 2008 Anthony Fauci and NIH or NIAID (National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases) applies to patent an ‘MRNA type vaccine’ for HIV – two of his patent applications are rejected by the patent office, as essentially the technique is unproven and on balance will potentially cause more harm than benefit and of course it does not legally qualify as a ‘vaccine’, nor is it proven to even reduce infection. As then, so now!

In 2014, when the Obama administration clamped down on Gain of Function Research, which was deemed too dangerous, work migrated to Wuhan China, with US taxpayers’ funding instigated by Fauci and funnelled via Peter Daszak’s, EcoHealth Alliance Foundation (a not-for-profit, scientific foundation- don’t you just love these toxic old tax-avoiding rinses with convoluted money trails?) whose mission is stated as: ‘developing science-based solutions to prevent pandemics and promote conservation’. As comedy goes, since they were actually hatching the deadly stuff, that’s a pretty hilarious punch line, huh?

Meanwhile, University of Hong Kong [per whistle blower Dr Li Yang] is also assisting WIV (Wuhan Institute of Virology) with the research, and in Winnipeg, Canada they lose vials of deadly diseases including Ebola and goodness knows what else, via a lab researcher who ends up working for – guess? Yes, WHO (World Health Organisation) and they are swapping not only research data with WIV, but researchers too. Now we see there has been a long-engineered plan to get untried and untested genetically engineered substances into the human population via a vaccine roll-out, certainly back in 2008. They did not stop – this evil agenda is relentless.

Awakening Alchemy - Minion's Cartoon Saying - You're Not Vaccinating My Kids In September 2019 Moderna [drug / pharma company] filed a revised patent application for a previously rejected application for SARS-Covid-19 and then a mere 3 days later filed for a vaccine to treat the same. Note this was all prior to the supposed breakout as declared by Wuhan China and announced to the Global Public Health Community by WHO. Handily WHO had previously modified the definition of what constituted a pandemic, precisely so this new, serious, flu-type virus could be re-classified as an Emergency Global Pandemic. This triggered their Emergency Legislation which most of the world’s puppet-clown governments had signed up to. Now, corrupt WHO are running not only the circus but the entire sh*t show. The ‘vaccine companies’ such as Moderna, Johnson and Johnson, AstraZeneca, conveniently get emergency approval to roll out experimental jabs in record time – technically, although you are not informed of this [completely contrary to the required informed-consent process physicians should, by oath, abide by] – they are still in trial phase till 2023. The vaccine roll-out program is accompanied by a massive propaganda, fear Psy-ops orchestrated by our own Governments in cahoots with the MSM. Bill and [decoupling from Melinda] Gates Foundation are the biggest funders of WHO and as such, this Foundation wields more power over WHO than all the nations self-subjugating themselves to its rule, and parroting the central United Nations response script.

Covid-19 is the agent to get you to take more of the genetically engineered bioweapon via the Frankenjabs. I’ve always insisted that I caught Covid-19 in October 2019 [then known as Northern Flu – a particularly bad one] and there are rumours swirling that it was circulating in Italy in September 2019. Which actually makes perfect sense if you consider that this is a BIOWEAPON deliberately released and the lab leak, covered by the Wet Market origins, are just FALSE FLAGS to cover up the way-more nefarious truth. We know from Hong Kong’s Dr Li-Meng Yan that CCP Military were involved in the research but so were the US Military- so, when China blame the US Military for releasing a bioweapon and the US blame the CCP Military – both, [despicably] are telling the truth for once! Plus, pretty horrifying this, it occurs to me that the extent of the relentless coercion to take the shots suggests bad intent not good and it smells of some rotten quota system, so all Governments are now under BIG PHARMA coshes, and / or massive bribes and back-handers. What are your thoughts?

Awakening Alchemy - Cartoon Donald Trump Knocking Down the WHO Silo with a Wrecking Ball and Crane Motive? Actually, it sadly goes from bad to worse. Dr David Martin has monitored chemical and biological pathogen protocol breaches going back to the Anthrax attacks, starting just one week after 9/11, on September 18th, 2001. He comments, wryly, that this was a massive chemical attack on US soil but it was left to two postal supervisors to monitor, and handle, [note Joe Biden was pre-warned and heading the very CFR Committee looking at precisely this stuff – yet, typically many may say – he did nothing = big fat ZERO, Joe]. Meanwhile, post 9/11, 100,000s of Spooks and military personnel are deployed chasing non-existent ‘Weapons of Mass Destruction’ abroad, while ignoring the grave threat much closer to home. I mean, as you may recall Tony Blair used a student’s theoretical paper to justify WAR on Iraq, Bush came up with similar quackery. When Dr David Kelly, a WMD and Iraq expert argued that it was not feasible – well, you know what happened to this poor gentleman. Back to the Antrax fiasco. Sound familiar this? However, Dr Martin credits his team’s work post the Anthrax attack, on their ability to spot the patterns now in the recent Covid-19 attack. After studying some 4,000 patents filed on coronavirus and manually comparing genetic sequences, he concludes that the origin theories – Zoological and Laboratory escape are totally FALSE FLAGS! Coronavirus was identified as the MOST promising vehicle to create a biological weapon by DARPA as far back as 2001. All my extensive research over the last 12 months leads me to exactly the same conclusion. Wow! So, around the same time that they planned the 9/11 + 1 bioterrorist practice event! He makes clear in the video:

that Covid-19 is a deliberate, highly-planned, bioweapon attack on us all. He explains step by step the time-lines based on detailed analysis of all the parties involved in the patent filing process and the resultant profit motives. Please ensure you watch the video, which is Dr Martin’s disposition to Reiner Fuellmich’s ‘Freedom Alliance Movement’. [Reiner Fuellmich is a German lawyer who instigated and won class-action lawsuits against Volvo, re the emissions scandal and Deutsch-Bank relating to fraud. The ‘Freedom Alliance’ operate a repository of scientific and research data about Covid-19 which lawyers worldwide can use to bring claims e.g. from suing fact-checkers for misinformation and censorship, to crimes against humanity arising from the Corona Cult rollout. This information is critical to our understanding patterns. Patterns, when we are arguably living through the biggest Global Psy-op of all times, which follows on from 9/11. Another brick in the wall of despicable, evil, greed and malevolence. The key points from the video are summarised here:

The interview above is rather long and technical, so, here, in an interview with Stew Peters, Dr. David Martin is very clear and succinct in what he calls “PATENTED GENOCIDE”, This is an absolute must watch – there really is no virus! Importantly, the vaccine is nothing more than a synthetic, computer-generated, sequence of code that works to alter the cells of those injected with the vaccine. Granted – virus or not, something weird and nefarious is afoot – to get us injected? That seems consistent with all the State-sponsored coercion and force that’s being deployed. The main points from Dr Martin’s videos are summarised below:

  1. SARs is a totally synthetic, genetically-engineered virus, with no natural origin. Hence some 4,000 patents all related to SARS-Corona Virus. It is illegal to patent something which occurs naturally or in nature! SARs was created by Ralph Baric and patented in 2002, in his research centre at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, and this research was funded by Antony Fauci. The aim was to come up with an effective coronavirus to target human lungs. There was subsequently, of course, an outbreak of SARs in Asia in 2003 – a test run we can assume?
  2. Awakening alchemy - Cartoon of Big Pharma Injecting the World with Disease and Misery In 2003 the CDC tried to patent the entire sequence of SARs-Covid. Why is the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention i.e. the national U.S. prevention outfit, messing with deadly Gain of Function virus’s? Their PR department say it’s in order for them to put it in the public domain, so everyone can research it. Duh – they’re fibbing, as the patent office rejected their application, precisely as SARS-Covid has a 99.9% identity of other sequences already in the public domain. Behind the scenes CDC repeatedly re-submits its patent application, pays bribes, and also pays to keep this ‘private’. So, the stated intention does not stack up with the actions! Meanwhile back in 2003, a mere 3 days after the CDC filing, a biotech company SEQUOIA Pharma files for a patent for the treatment of SARS-COVID! Without extensive insider collusion and racketeering how do you file for treatment before the CDC’s [private] patent is actually granted? That’s called conspiring to run a drugs racket, surely? Sequoia pharma subsequently gets hived off and rolled up into Phizer and Johnson and Johnson. Wow, now you might be getting the impression that BIG PHARMA was hot on developing the ‘cronnie-cines’ way back in 2003 and you’d be right, as SARS-COVID2 commonly known as Covid-19 is not new [he explains this in some detail in the video] but has been knocking around nearly two decades – it is not actually clinically unique.
  3. As well as the CDC, the US NIH (National Institutes of Health) were also up to patent mischief. As they had funded Baric’s coronavirus research, the US Government automatically had rights of use, yet NIH felt it necessary to file a number of patents, as well. Why? On January 6th 2004, MERC held an event to discuss ‘SARS and Bioterrorism’ and what the response to an attack would look like. They came up with the concept of ‘NEW NORMAL’ which WHO later used during the branding of Covid-19. Fancy a ‘New Normal’, anyone?
  4. Meanwhile way back when, Moderna [which Fauci owns shares in] is working with DARPA and the Fauci run NIAID to develop the spike-protein element of the virus and vaccine, and this collaboration continues right up to November 2019 [and beyond] with the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, NIAID, and Moderna pooling research to come up with a vaccine. They are still refining the spike protein. Luckily [ha…ha] Moderna have managed to acquire the missing piece to get the vaccine delivered effectively – the Lipid Nano Particles. To do this they had to obtain the patents from two Canadian companies. This was accomplished, and we see that Moderna were actively involved [as were other BIG PHARMA companies] very early on in the ‘Plandemic’, and obviously they all knew they’d be front line in the vaccine roll-out, long before the bioweapon was even unleashed.
  5. Awakening Alchemy - Tucker Xarlson on Fox News Saying: You Are Not Allowed to Question the Vaccine Anthony Fauci had been grifting long and hard to get his beloved MRNA spike protein into our bodies. He repeatedly tried to get a patent for an MRNA vaccine for HIV, which was refused, as it failed to meet the required criterion legally or medically. Fauci and his criminal cohorts now needed another cause to inject pathogens known to be harmful, into humans; enter Covid-19. Next medically and scientifically highly dubious Drosten PCR’s tests are deliberately used to create a tidal wave of false positive results. WHO published its pandemic AGENDA called ‘A World at Risk’ in September 2019 instructing how to coordinate the Global response to a deadly respiratory virus. So, amidst the international-leagues of medics and scientists who usually claim to be reputable; irreproachable, they are no longer mired in objective and empirical facts [ha…ha] instead they appear to resemble a coven of psychics, channeling, via their predictive crystal balls, don’t you reckon? For the record: Covid-19 exists but it is NOT the pandemic which they’ve fake-engineered it to be. For most, the risks are relatively low and for healthy children, virtually no risk at all. [Schools closed for no good reason?]
  6. For the WHY? As ever follow the money and, in fact, we have the motive right from the horse’s mouth. Indeed, on the ‘Home’ page of my website: https://www.moneymagnet.global/ I feature a video of Ralph Baric explaining enthusiastically, how to profit from a pandemic. In the video above Dr Martin picks [literally] the killer quote – the OCCAMS RAZOR, of this massive medical, Covid-19 fraud and associated crimes against humanity. Peter Daszak, this time, lets us know the real motive behind Covid-19, when back in 2015 he’s quoted in the Press, rough transcript of his ‘splainin’ as follows:

‘We need to get the public to accept the necessity of medical countermeasures in a pandemic. We need the media to get involved and the media hype will whip up enthusiasm, and the economics will follow the hype. And on the back of the hype the investors will see the potential for profit.’ 

So, there you have it from the mouth of one of the keys perpetrators himself: Coronavirus is a huge medical-marketing exercise and the stated objective is profit. And all the while they are hyping-us-to-hell-and-back to get the jab. They know perfectly well that it contains harmful, synthetic spike-proteins which SHOULD NOT be injected into human cells.

Awakening Alchemy - Cartoon of a Person Being Forced to get Vaccinated at Work

The Future of Work?

Well, with jabs, lateral flow / PCR tests, coming out of the wazoos, face diapers, petri dishes, PPR kits, it is quid’s-in for big businesses, and boo-hoo-hoo for collapsing small and medium sized enterprises. The rich elites do indeed get richer off our backs, pretending to salvage their consciences with their faux efforts to ‘help the masses’, whilst making themselves massively richer and wielding even greater control.

If you don’t find Dr. David Miller’s analysis and assessment convincing, check out Jane Burgermeister, an Austrian medical journalist [e.g. Reuters Health, British Medical Journal] who discovered in 2009 that Swine Flu was a fake pandemic designed to implement dangerous (contaminated) vaccines. Indeed, she got hold of a copy of the French Government memo to Heads of Departments outlining how to promote a fake pandemic to be used to get vaccine take up. It was all orchestrated back then by WHO and the UN under the since updated but still all-encompassing, ‘Independent Health Regulations Legal Framework of 2005’. The plan amongst other things included:

  1. Setting up vaccine centres outside hospitals and GP centres [Hello, has anyone seen the Covid-19 pop-up-jabbers in supermarket car parks, in church halls, you name it, recently? It’s called Covid-19 which is NOT new/novel as claimed at all, just the same old ‘upgraded’ remodified Gain-of-Function coronavirus with synthetic computer-generated genome sequencing added. Covid-19, because, as Dr. Millar points out, nefarious Big Pharma / Military / Universities et al finished filing their vaccine patents in September 2019 – yes that’s right, just before the ‘virus’ was discovered in Wuhan!]
  2. Those who do not go willingly, when called upon, will be rounded up and force vaccinated.

You can find Jane’s fascinating video on Bitchute here:

You can see that it has long been planned; we did not arrive here by accident by any means, luckily back in 2009 the Swine Flu [note mysteriously regular flu has completely disappeared since Covid-19 appeared – that’s not feasible, is it?] vaccine roll-out was halted, but tragically this time, after the Deep-State swamp practised and polished its act, we are seeing fairly widespread take-up of the vaccine around the world. Time is running out to stop this heinous vaccine roll out – this heinous IN-ject-IN-sanity would thrill old ‘Angel of Death,’ Dr Josef Mengele , wouldn’t it? [check out the Nuremberg Code to see exactly why this is so bad – https://media.tghn.org/medialibrary/2011/04/BMJ_No_7070_Volume_313_The_Nuremberg_Code.pdf

As Jane discusses back in 2009, and tragically as now, every country had an identical plan for the pandemic which was coordinated yet again by corrupt WHO and the UN, whereby each country that signed-up, [and you get to pay for the privilege of joining this Club] is obliged to set up a Crisis Committee, and to stick to the UN script. Interestingly, every day more evidence of their nefarious motivation is revealed; in mid July 2021, Bill Gates and George Soros [a pretty vile combination of super-rich sick fests, this, joined forces. Soros is the ‘Deep-State Political Agenda’ operative. He funds BLM, ANTIFA, Immigrant caravans, literally anything to undermine national identity, decency, and traditional values – that’s actually the Socialist agenda for mass immigration  – BTW, but then Soros started profit-from-misery schemes early – crash an entire currency and economy [as he did to the UK when he bet against the pound!] Again, as an investment banker, I knew Soros’ Quantum Funds pretty well, he was a billionaire client that literally wagered huge bets so big that he moved / crashed entire markets. On one occasion pre the Euro, his massive Reverse-Repo transactions across European Government bonds literally crashed our computer systems. That took some doing; it was total mayhem and the poor young European bond desk assistant was taken out on a stretcher with a suspected heart attack! He recovered, mercifully, but quit shortly after. So, 9/11 did not crash the mighty Solomon Brothers but Soros nearly did] and even back in his teens sold fellow Jews to the Nazis, plus catalogued all their property. He also allegedly funded the UK Remain effort [which caused the UK five years of grief / uncertainty / division etc. as the Remainers tried to up-end democracy and overturn a legitimate Referendum – the voice of 17.4 million people] in the EU campaign behind the scenes. So, he’s… essentially a very nasty, interfering, WARTHOG IMHO and I believe the head of his native Hungary would agree?].

Awakening Alchemy - Copy of a Tweet From Boris Johnson Anyway, the delectable-duo have just pooled their infinite resources to buy MoLogic, UK Covid-19 testing facility [to get access to all our bio-genetic-data] in their new Global Access Health Initiative. It is important to recognise exactly WHO [yes them too] the ENEMY is. Meanwhile, their puppet, our Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, tweeted at same time: ‘@Deeepmind’s announcement today with @emblebi demonstrates the very best in UK science – powered by AI, they are opening up biological data and research globally that will help accelerate transformative scientific breakthroughs for people around the world.’ How jolly super? Ra-Ra-Ra! Say what, old chaps?


Gosh, their ‘Alpha-Fold Protein Structure Database, which offers the most complete and accurate picture of the human proteome, doubling humanity’s accumulated knowledge of high-accuracy human protein structures – for free,’ sounds like a heap-load of fun, hey? Which is precisely why I suggest you opt out of Medical-Data sharing [in UK write to your GP and also complete exemption form with NHS digital.] Our Bio-data is the next big thing, how do I defo. know? Because bumbling-caught-PA-fumbling ex-UK Minister of Health, Matt Hancock has shares in a Genome company. Fauci has shares in Moderna, Patrick Vallance the UK Covid-19 talking hat, has shares in BIG Pharma GSK (Glaxo Smith Kline)… they don’t even bother to hide it, such is the arrogance and hypocrisy! Presumably, they think we’ll all snuff it soon or will be too weak to ever complain and hold them accountable?

Meanwhile, ever quick on the TECH-up-tick, China has used Covid-19 testing kits to collect DNA of a large amount of people around the world. Now CCP can create new bio-weapon diseases that target their enemies specifically, whilst minimising the effect on selected groups. The upsell potential of all this is quite breathtaking, particularly when you see where all this is going. It just keeps on getting better, huh? But now at least when the dots appear, you’ll see how they join up, and where this is all heading to.

Who Owns WHO?

Awakening Alchemy - WHO Logo - Question: Who Really Owns WHO? He who pays the piper plays the tune. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation are the biggest donors to WHO, and they have greater status than any single nation state. Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation also funds top university research – aka International College London, ICL [Neil Ferguson of the UK Scientific Advisory Group Experts, SAGE, who conspired to produce dodgy data, forcing UK into a lockdown – which he then flagrantly breached by inviting his married lover to visit his marital home for…? YUCK!] also Oxford University where miraculously the AstraZeneca virus arises from the ashes like a phoenix [ since they too are in on it from the very start – and remember it started way-way back this Bio-Warfare, and as all good Military Research Labs know [hello UK’s Porton Downs?] the cure for the Bioweapon is always developed simultaneously step-by-sordid-step.] So, the only great rush here was to get Covid-19 hyped-to-hell, with fake PCR false positives and MSM propaganda, so it could be declared a Pandemic and then an untried / untested experimental jab, with spike proteins that are known to be harmful, could be authorised for emergency use and inflicted into humans.

In short, Mr Microsoft owns WHO, with some assistance from the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) overlords are key to running this horror movie. Mr Microsoft, who is supposedly brilliant at TECH – funded and mentored by Mr Billionaire Hedge-Fund Warren Buffet [NB check out Berkshire Hathaway’s key holdings pre-and-post Covid-19], Eugenicist and Depopulation Billy-Boy, then ventures into Health-care, for which he has zero training and zooms around injecting 3rd World countries [last time I checked they were not happy with the adverse effects suffered by their children]. Does Gates give a hoot? Nope, he’s marching onwards and upwards to enable Klaus Schwab and WEF’s (World Economic Forum) Industrial Revolution IV.

Awakening Alchemy - Mocked Up Photo of Bezos, Branson & Musk as Astronauts

Big Boys With Their Bog Toys

Meanwhile, talking of upwards, the three other big billionaires are burning cash and rocket fuel [that could be put to far better use actually helping / feeding / curing people] as Branson – Bezos – Musk feed their egos and pollute space plus the environment. Whilst Bill Gates was off scene on 9/11, we know his mentor Warren Buffet had links to Salomon Smith Barney at 7WTC and we also know that disgracefully, a lot of people including the banking cartels made a lot of money in the run-up [the insider traders covered in series #1] and in the aftermath of 9/11 and the roll out of the ‘Wars on Terror’. Then as now, the corrupt-greedily-made money from planning – executing and perpetrating **acts of pure evil**.

Why is Warren Buffet the mentor of nerdy Bill Gates? He coughed up the money [as directed by Mossad usually] to put the long-term plans [as per project scenario orchestrated by The Tavistock Center, The Rockefeller Foundation, and other dubious ‘think-tanks’] into action. Why was Warren Buffet a Director of Microsoft, and Bill Gates a Director of Berkshire Hathaway, old boy Buffet’s illustrious investment company? BECAUSE they ALL cross-fund and cross-fertilise, in what amounts to a huge, toxic web. As mentioned in Blog #1 WEF eugenics and transhumanist Klaus Schwab of ‘Covid-19 and the Great Reset,’ was in town during 9/11 when the Bioweapon Emergency event was planned for 9/12. Klaus will indeed need Bill Gates, Elon Musk and TECHNO-CRONNIES for his transhumanist agenda since the ultimate aim is to merge biological or physical technologies with the human body. Meanwhile with Covid-19, as they keep telling us, the Great Reset will be brought forth. This is really a rebranding of the New World Order plan – and it’s happening now.

What Does this Mean?

Well, they [all the big banking cartels] are going to crash the Global economy – as per 2008. Think that was bad? Well, this will be way worse for us, not them – remember they were bailed out by us, the tax-payers. This time, in Europe, at least, the legislation already exists to BAIL IN – that means they’ll steal your savings, cash deposits as happened after 2008 in Cyprus, as mandated by the EU [a trial run as it were – they love those.]

Awakening Alchemy - Schematic of Digital Finance - Blue $ Sign in a Bed of Computer Components

The Future?

Brits will say but ‘my deposits are protected by a Government Guarantee’ – ah, that’s the same Government that is bankrupt and heavily involved in planning all this, right? Well, good luck with that! Then we get the frankly financial fakes telling us this collapse will be a good thing as a better [Build Back Better] system will emerge. Really, better for who exactly? They’ve already crashed the real economy so small / medium sized businesses collapse, while big ones paying minimal tax [check out my Home page: https://www.moneymagnet.global/ to read more about Toxic Non-Profit Foundations etc.] There are so many grifters and numb-bodies promoting the Quantum Financial System, Quantum Computing – Quantum = New BIG Buzzword, huh? Well, quantum from our perspective means ‘fast and expensive’ – so the option / arbitrage pricing models that Pure Maths PHD’s work on, will simply get faster at pricing derivatives etc. – thus you have even less chance of beating the big banks at their own game. At Salomon Brothers our incredible Derivatives pricing technology was called the BLACKBOX – quite! So please don’t buy into the hype that any of this stuff is ‘positive’ – especially the Nesara – Gesara (National Economic Security and Reformation Act and Global Economic Security and Reformation Act) rubbish the oinks like so-called Truther-influencers Charlie Ward, Simon Parkes, etc. are touting. The real Great Reset involves getting rid of physical cash [see how Covid-19 helped this, with many outfits refusing to accept notes and coins?] and shifting the entire financial system over to an all-centralised, bank-controlled, digital currency [CBDC – Central Bank Digital Currencies] system, which is in turn a Social Credit Control system [per CCP – Chinese Communist Party]. The CBDC will be used to control us and they’ll use surveillance, in every aspect of our life, via blockchain, smart contracts that they’ll roll out in due course. Remember with the new ‘funny’ money they can add expiry dates, which are a feature of financial options; spend it, or lose it! [ in Series#1 I explained how options work.] They’ll push us into a situation where we own nothing – we will be obliged to lease / rent everything. First, of course, they’ll seize everything we currently own. There are rumours already that huge Investment Org ‘Blackrock’ are buying up houses across the US, including entire new housing estates – presumably to outbid the average Joe, and rent the properties we can no longer afford to buy, back to us?

How and Why Will Our Assets Be Seized Under the TECHOCRATIC AGENDA?

Awakening Alchemy - Mockup of Wall St on Fire and Title - It's An Epic Economic Collapse Well, they have a series of overlapping plans for rollout – currently inflation is rising, so they may use this as an excuse to increase interest rates – then loans / mortgages will become unaffordable and way too expensive – some of us remember when interest rates reached 17-18-19%. Houses will be repossessed, businesses will collapse – all will be under the control of the rich. In Spain the government are trying to pass legislation which allows them to seize your assets under Emergency Ruling and situations like Covid-19. They also propose demanding ‘services’ from all those over 18. The asset grab will be coming to a place near you too, it’s simply a matter of time – here’s the link to the article, in German: https://de.rt.com/europa/120605-gesetzesreform-in-spanien-droht-ein-permanenter-ausnahmezustand/ The English translation is here:

“Legal reform” in Spain: is a permanent state of emergency threatened?

Spain wants to enforce a “security law reform” with reference to the “Corona crisis”. Accordingly, the state should be allowed to confiscate the property of private individuals and companies in a “state of crisis”. “Cooperation” with the media will then also be expanded.

As reported by the Spanish newspaper El País, which is politically close to the social democratic government of Pedro Sánchez, it is preparing a reform of the national security law. According to this, all persons over the age of 18 should be able to be obliged by the state to provide “personal services” if a similar mode should be declared again in Spain – the corona crisis serves as an empirical value. Possible confiscation of property and services The draft law provides that all citizens, without exception, must obey the orders and instructions of the competent authorities if a so-called “situation of interest to national security” is declared. The controversial law also means that various authorities can “temporarily” seize or “occupy” all assets without further explanation. The Telepolis portal suspects:

“Looking back at the financial crisis, when Spanish savers were already afraid of being expropriated, it now seems that a legal framework is being created for this in view of the escalating national debt.” The wording of the draft law does not explicitly mention Spanish citizens, but all persons who have reached the age of majority. The required service depends on the respective crisis – the material to be expropriated depends on this. The crux of the matter is that the “reform” does not specify which crises it could be. However, the draft presents itself in such a way that the measures taken should be taken “gradually, appropriate to the situation and only until the respective crisis is overcome”.

Media as a mandatory part of “crisis prevention” Media communication companies of all stripes must also work with the relevant authorities in the event of a crisis. You need to bring information to the public for “crisis prevention or an operational purpose”. The major media in Spain had already reported permanently about the dangers of COVID-19 during the Corona crisis. Although the new draft law obliges citizens to provide their services and assets during a crisis, the National Security Law is a law that has not yet been ratified and may lead to legal problems between the prime minister calling the crisis and the House of Representatives. The draft was subjected to a first reading by the Spanish cabinet on June 22, 2021, but only reached a wider public a few days ago. Once ratified, it will be submitted to Congress. Regional governments and some parliamentary groups have already been informed of the content – and were not very enthusiastic, as this would strengthen the central state even more. Background: procurement of essential goods The main problem during the Corona crisis was the lack of face masks, respiratory masks and personal protective equipment. The great demand for these products and the scarce supply led to bottlenecks which, due to export restrictions from the producing countries, generated even more devastating effects. The draft law contains instructions that should better cope with a similar situation in the future, ensure the supply of vital resources, but also want to focus more on the self-sufficiency of the citizens.”


Interesting and pretty scary, the above? The new TECHNOCRATIC Fourth Industrial Revolution that’s bubbling along will enable surveillance to replace law to rule us. They are determined to get Digital I.D. rolled out everywhere, in order to hook us and all our Bio-Medical data, to the cloud via extremely dangerous Pulse EMF’s otherwise known as 5G. Mankind will eventually be merged with machine – terrifyingly the Covid-19 gene-modifying jabs maybe the first stage in that aim. The overall aim being the Big DATA ECOSYSTEM facilitated by 5G and 6G. You should by now see that if we carry on complying, all our rights / freedoms will be removed from us all, and we’ll be subjected to nanotech control. Big Brother in George Orwell’s 1984 is the head of the totalitarian state which demands unthinking obedience to it’s leader; this was accomplished by FEAR and brain-washing propaganda. Erm….?

As Canadian Chris Sky says: Wake up and JUST SAY NO!

Schwab has cleaned up his on-line presence and history, but he is the son of a Nazi collaborator [for more on this check out Johnny Vedmore’s: ‘Schwab Family Values’] – his WEF (World Economic Forum) is but one of a host of other similar, dubious think-tanks, like the Club of Rome, that similarly to Schwab promote a global governance model led by a technocratic elite. The climate-change agenda was cooked up in the 1980’s to facilitate the Global depopulation agenda – again GREEN and SUSTAINABILITY should be assigned to the same slop bucket as BUILD BACK BETTER and the GREAT [MACHEVILLIAN] RESET garbage. Yes, sceintists agree with Climate Change – why, because they’re paid to via research grants! As ever, always follow the funny money, folks. Schwab is a big fan of CYBER-ATTACKS affecting transport, distribution, food supplies which he uses as predictive programming, similar to the foreshadowing we discussed earlier.


Earlier in this blog we asked you which 1985 film pre-empted 9/11 by including predictive codes – have you figured out which film that was? For Covid-19, a classic is, ’12 Monkeys’ a 1995 dystopian time-travel movie featuring Bruce Willis as John Cole, who is tasked by scientists to go back in time to discover the cause of a virus which nearly wipes out humanity. He goes back to find the cause to try to figure out a cure.

Awakening Alchemy - Scene From Sweet Tooth Movie - Boy With Antlers on Hillside followed by two others Now, with ominous hindsight, the Netflix film, ‘Sweet Tooth’, about sweet, little half-human, half-fawn hybrids makes sense – softening us up for their Trans-human agenda! Schwab was in NY on 9/11 which hit the downtown financial district, just around the corner from Wall Street and many investment banks, brokers and financial services companies were located in the WTC complex. Mysteriously around the 9/11 site, gold vaults were already emptied out. The Financial District was figuratively collapsed on 9/11, literally in 2008, and will be so again under Schwab and Co’s. Great Reset. Joyous?!

For more about Klaus Schwab, watch the Corbett Report video on Joseph Mercola’s website dated July 16th 2021 ‘MEET THE WORLD ECONOMIC FORUM’: 


Awakening Alchemy - Cartoon of an Evil Green Virus About to Attack - Teeth BaredBack to 9/11 and Kroll Inc. As you recall, biowarfare expert Jerome Hauer worked there and he went on to work for Rudy Giuliani, then in 2002-2004 held prominent roles in medical preparedness and response for acts of biological, chemical and nuclear terrorism. Then he subsequently hopped off to the delivery stage, administering bioweapons as opposed to responding to them, at Canadian ‘vaccine’ manufacturer Emergent BioSolutions. What a lovely serpent’s tail circle, this? And what about his former employer KROLL INC? Well, predictably, since their major shareholder is Spook-Insurance company AIG, which was founded in 1919 in Shanghai China [ huh?] by one Cornelius Starr, KROLL INC gets involved in building security and indeed was responsible for revamping security at the WTC complex after the 1993 basement bombing. Presumably, they had something to do with the dire ‘stay at your desks’ instruction? Just prior to 9/11, KROLL INC hired [on behalf of Lucky Larry Silverstein… remember him?] former FBI special investigator John P. O’ Neill, who was deemed an expert on the entire Al-Qaeda network. Sadly, he died in the 9/11 bombings where he was Head of Security for the WTC complex. Or given that the whole Al-Qaeda ‘Muslim terrorist’ narrative was a FALSE FLAG, was John’s death really an accident, or a planned removal of someone who could RUMBLE the PsyOp plot?

Awakening alchemy - Composite Photo - 12 Monkeys Movie Poster and Sweet Tooth Netflix Series Poster

Where Does All This Leave Us?

Well, first and foremost, it is clear there are enough ‘red flags’ in what we have uncovered here and in our previous blog to state categorically that something is amiss in the world of global leadership and governance. Numerous contributors in their articles and videos have said the same thing – ‘watch for the patterns’. It is the patterns that show us that something untoward is happening.

If the ‘terror attack’ on 9/11 was indeed the harbinger of things to come, what are the patterns that are discernible in the behavior of the main actors in this drama that we can ascertain occurring again, today, with respect to the Covid-19 ‘plandemic’ and the intense desire, it would appear, to inject a gene-altering substance into the arms of every single human being on earth?

  • The Mainstream Media Buy-In: Without the MSM touting the government line and just as importantly treating it like it is a ‘message from God’, none of this would be possible. Certainly, Hitler and Goebbels knew the immense power of the media and used it ruthlessly to advance the Nazi cause in pre-WWII Germany. Similarly, autocratic leaders all over the world understood the immense power of media to influence behaviour. The planners, the movers, the shakers – all those shadowy figures that populate the numerous planning cabals, think-tanks, and strategic planning branches of government, they know they must have the media on their side to ensure public acceptance of whatever rights and liberties, the Government intends to strip from us poor citizens because of this particular event. One thing is certain, the MSM fell in love with George W. Bush, Rudi Giuliani, and even more particularly odious politicians such as Donald Rumsfeld and Dick Cheney. The MSM lapped up 9/11 like a cat licking the spilled cream – they practically salivated over the idea of ‘foreign Muslims’ attacking our sovereign state and few, ever seriously questioned the Government’s response with its endless ‘Wars on Terror’. Why? Because the MSM is all bought and paid for by some six giant corporations who dictate the narrative. We see the exact same response to the Covid-19 ‘crisis’, although this time it is the illustrious, ‘Sir’ Anthony Fauci who has been raised to almost ‘God-like’ status by large portions of the Media. When Tony Fauci speaks the world listens and since Tony Fauci is spouting exactly what Big Pharma and the planners of this pandemic want him to say, everyone is happy – especially the money men behind Big Pharma, who, as they say, are rubbing their hands together with glee, all the way to the bank.

Awakening Alchemy - Composite - Fake News, Patriots & Trump Tweets

  • It’s Not Just About Money – It’s Also About Power: Money’s all well and good, but there reaches a point where it becomes meaningless (just ask Gates, Bezos, Buffet, et al about that). Power is the ultimate aphrodisiac and Governments since the beginning of human collectivism have sought power over their citizens. 9/11 and its aftermath, gave the George W. Bush White House powers that it previously had only dreamt of. Congress happily ceded its constitutional right to declare war, to the President, a secession of power that to this day has still not been redressed. Covid-19, however, is a step up – we have already seen power grabs all over the world that can be directly linked to the Covid-19 pandemic. Countries such as New Zealand, Australia, and many others, have effectively ‘shut-up-shop’ and closed themselves off from the world. Under the guise of Covid-19, we are already seeing legislation designed to limit rights, to steal property and to usurp the power of the individual.
  • The Currency of Covid-19 is FEAR ‘Be afraid – be very afraid’. Fear is what will drive people to obey, fear is what will drive people to unquestioningly put themselves in harm’s way. Politicians know this and the movers and shakers of Covid-19 know this. Just like the 1960s when the fear of nuclear annihilation from Russia was the founding principle of our youth, just like the 1970s when the fear of the roving anarchist terrorists like Baader-Meinof, Japanese Red Army, South Moluccans, and many others, terrorised the world with their bombings, hijackings and murders, just like on 9/11, when the spectre of ‘Muslim terrorism’ hung over the United States, now in 2021, it is Covid-19 and the global pandemic that drives people’s fears and allows Governments to strip its citizens of their hard-earned, often won-in-blood, rights and liberties (Just witness the Spanish moves outlined earlier). FEAR is and always has been a prime mover in public obedience to authority and Covid-19 is no different to that – an old playbook, updated for a different world.
  • Awakening Alchemy - Artist's Representation of an Arm-Wrestle Between Jesus and the Devil Is It Too Late to Do Anything? Although the power of communication can be used for evil, as has been shown, especially the Mainstream Media, it also has its positive side for those of us fighting against this rapidly smothering virus of governmental control. The power of the internet and the instantaneous communications of the twenty-first Century allows those trying to highlight the nefarious actions of our leaders, a voice and a platform. Yes, Government and its minions (especially in Social-Media) will try to censor opposition and will ridicule opponents with its favourite catch-phrase: ‘conspiracy theory’ but here’s the thing – if enough people accept and believe a ‘conspiracy theory’ really did happen, is it still a theory or is it reality – is it fact?

There are many good people out there, working hard to bring us the TRUTH.

Who really knows what the effect of the Covid-19 vaccines will be on those who have ‘chosen’ to take them, in the coming years but I hope in some small way, I’ve shown you, my readers, that the odds are pretty high that this whole Covid-19 pandemic and vaccine roll-out was a lot more than just a benevolent Government trying to save its people from some terrible ‘bat virus’ from Wuhan, China.

Stay committed to RESISTANCE and stay committed to the TRUTH – It’s what you’ll find, here on my website – in my blogs. Why not sign up today – it’s FREE?  http://bit.ly/AwakeningAlchemy-Signup

MEANWHILE, remember it is also a Spiritual War.

Composite Picture - Cross & Eagle with Lucifer's Tantrums

Remember Luke 10:19

I have given you authority to stamp on snakes and scorpions and overcome all the power of the enemy; nothing will harm you.

Also, our Rallying Call Song From Blog 1 – ‘Trampling on Snakes’


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This is the first part in a blog series revisiting 09/11/01 and comparing the similar patterns and tactics currently being used today in Covid-19 [2020-21].

Have you ever wondered if everything you heard on the news was true? Have you ever doubted the official version of events? The rabbit holes of misinformation seem to be getting deeper. Are we in ‘The End Times’ as many Christians believe? There certainly seem to be many parallels to the prophecies in Revelations occurring right now and we need to attend to the Threshing Table to sort the grains of truth from the chaff.

My name is Jill Hughes, I’m a metaphysical crime author so I research Esoteric, New Age, E.T.”s and my website reflects my fiction. I’m currently looking at Conspiracies which often turn out to be True. You just need to keep an open mind. I’m currently working on a fact/fiction book and previously I was an Investment Banker. When in New York I worked in 7WTC which was fully evacuated shortly after the planes struck WTC 1 & 2. There, they were not so fortunate, instead of going into evacuation mode occupants were told over the PA system: ‘the building is safe, stay at your desks’. Told by whom, building security? A very bad call, it transpires, as the Twin-Towers collapsed.

Salomon Smith Barney’s, who had long and well-practiced contingency plans and were oddly paranoid about terrorist attacks, immediately had their trading systems come up at the backup site in New Jersey; so, business as usual.

But, in this unforgettable, catastrophic sequence of events on American soil, almost 3,000 people died. Many more were maimed and seriously injured.

Awakening Alchemy - People Protesting With Sign - WTC7 Didn't Just Blow Itself Up Then, this catastrophe was used to roll out the ‘War on Terror’ and millions more died, were maimed / injured. As LIES and orchestrated horror shows go; it was a BIG ONE. Victims, survivors, and their families still have not gotten the TRUTH, accountability, or the justice that is so crucial for healing trauma. Let’s try and get closer to the real events, as opposed to the Government spin. In fact, the Government’s spin is so far off, precisely because this was a meticulously planned ‘Psy-Op’ and ‘false flag’ operation where the actual perpetrators plant false trails and cover up their guilty involvement, playing hoax-blame games.


Military actions designed to influence the perceptions and attitudes of individuals, groups, and foreign governments. That has always been the classic definition of a Psy-Op but now, as physical combat recedes somewhat, information wars via Digital Soldiers has come to the fore. In the U.K. Military alone, 77th Brigade has 1,300 soldiers deployed on Social Media. Plus, the internet is infiltrated by Bots, Trolls, Shills, paid opposition, and Intelligence Agents. Truth is the first casualty!

Rule of Thumb: There are no conspiracy theories or coincidences. Endemic incompetence [like the best defended country in the world failing to prevent this ‘alleged’ attack? Come on, give us a break!] is invariably deliberate, planned, deeply-evil corruption, motivated by greed, for profit and control.


Following the first clue, SECURACOM (Changed their name to Stratesec in 1998) provided electronic security for the WTC buildings, along with contracts for United Airlines [one of their planes hit the WTC, the other was brought down in Philadelphia] and Dulles Airport [where the hi-jackers were allowed to board flight AA77]. This company also worked for many military organisations. Obviously a very well-connected Company with many sensitive connections. What is highly unusual given the sensitivity of the contracts is the fact that SECURACOM was financed by Kuwaiti-American Investment organisation KUWAM. It is unusual for foreign entities to be allowed such access to sensitive information – your security company knows the inner workings of EVERYTHING! On SECURACOM’s board of Directors from 1993-2000, was Marvin P. Bush, President George W. Bush’s younger brother, with Bush’s cousin, Wirt D. Walker III, CEO from 1998-2002.

Awakening Alchemy - Man Holding Banner - 0-11 Was An Inside Job On 9/8 and again on 9/9/01 there were complete power-downs at the South Tower for some 36 hours during which time the security cameras would have been taken out – handy, as controlled explosives for controlled demolition purposes would need to be laid well in advance. Were there significant power outages at the other buildings, namely North Tower and 7WTC? Per Barbara Bush’s book ‘Reflections’ Marvin Bush was in town on 9/11 on Wall Street and another relative, nephew Jim Pierce, was attending a business meeting originally scheduled on Floor 102 but the meeting was conveniently moved to the Millennium Hotel at short notice.

The Millennium Hotel withstood the blast, and its location near to Trinity Church and adjacent to the Twin Towers afforded the perfect viewing station of the unfolding horror. This was where I stayed whenever I was working in 7WTC, our New York Head Office, a convenient easy walk to work. Now that route is the Ground Zero Memorial site.

Why were so many of Bush’s family and cronies nearby that day? Were they overseeing the last-minute arrangements to ensure all went according to plan? And what was the nefarious Klaus Schwab, founder and head of the World Economic Forum, who wrote ‘CV19: the Great Reset’ doing in New York that fateful day?

For what will it profit a man if he sells his own soul?         Mark 8:36

Awakening Alchemy - Millennium Hotel and Trinity Church

‘My home in NY, and sanctuary amidst chaos the beautiful Trinity Church’


09.02: American Airlines flight AA11 hits floors 93/99 of 1 WTC [North Tower]. Here there had been a previous ‘dry-run’ in February 1993 when a ‘terrorist bomb’ went off in the underground carpark. It blew out windows of the Windows of the World [WOTW] restaurant on the 106th, top floor and established that this alone would not demolish the entire building. The building owner, under a 100-year lease arrangement, has breakfast meetings daily in WOTW. On Sept 11th ‘Lucky Larry’ Silverstein bucks his routine to see his dermatologist and, so he survives to collect the considerable insurance payouts. This is very similar to JP Morgan in 1912 when he was pushing to start the Federal Reserve Bank [which is privately owned, not a government edifice]. He conveniently failed to board his own ship with a very similar excuse – yet, several very influential, rich, anti-Fed individuals he invited, did board the Titanic and they, of course, died.

Awakening Alchemy - Composite - Federal Reserve Seal, Staten Island Ferry - Titanic

‘The FED, 9/11, Titanic – sinking feeling?’

09.03:    United Airlines flight UA175 hits 77/83 floors of 2 WTC [South Tower]

09.12:    American Airlines flight AA77 was cruising, when a flight attendant calls her mom who calls American Airlines to advise them the flight has been hijacked. Barbara Olson calls her hubby, Solicitor-General Theodore Olson, who alerts the Federal Authorities. *How were said phone calls possible?

Awakening Alchemy - Blondie - Don't Keep Me Hanging on the Telephone09.37:    AA77 crashes into the lower floors of the Pentagon.  Did the original plane land at a military base, unload or ‘dispose of’ the passengers, switch planes and re-board passengers and carry on, with a military drone plane? Was this what enabled the phone calls – they were not made from the air but from the ground, on disembarkation? Or from a military, non-commercial plane. This seems likely, as hush-hush war-game ‘live-fly’ Operation Vigilant Warrior had pilots up in a terrorist-hijacked-planes-hit-buildings, simulation exercise, at this very time! Meanwhile who are the Olsons really?

09.42: Federal Aviation Authority grounds all flights. Yet supposedly the Bin-Laden family is allowed to fly out of the USA, to escape the ‘heat’. Ha-Ha!

Awakening Alchemy - 9/11 North Tower Hit

09.58: United Airlines flight UA93 is flying low, so low that passenger Edward Porter Felt can make a call to Philadelphia Emergency services. Curious how the dial signal requires explaining which again throws suspicion onto the AA77 call narrative – It doesn’t stack up. Clearly what happened to all the 9/11 flight passengers is obscured by the fact that the US Airforce and Defense Intelligence were running several ‘war-games’ on 9/11 so flight controllers didn’t know what were phantoms or real planes, but the fate of the passengers is key and needs critical follow up.

Awakening Alchemy - Crater in Shanksville, Pennsylvania, left by UA Flight 93

Crater at Shanksville, Pennsylvania – left by UA93?

10.03: Passengers on UA93 reportedly stormed the cockpit to attack the hi-jackers. Heroic Americans’ fight back? THIS MAKES A GOOD MOVIE SCRIPT. The plane crashes in no-where land – Shanksville, Pennsylvania. NO debris is found which is highly unusual with plane crashes, instead, just a dirty big crater is left.

17.21: 7WTC was evacuated and then has an outbreak of office-fire sneezing – not even a wobble, as it collapses, in a perfectly-straight, asymmetrical, fake-fire parody of a well-executed, controlled demolition. This 47-storey, steel-framed, beauty is infamous and illustrious as it housed not only the Salomon Brothers [Smith Barney] ‘Big Swinging Dicks’ but also, Mayor Rudy Giuliani’s Emergency Command Centre, the FBI, the IRS, Secret Services, [shush?] the SEC, The Department of Defense, the CIA. Boom! An illustrious bee-hive of frantic Deep-State activity this, owned outright by – yes – you guessed it – Lucky Larry! And the Building Security contract is managed by SECURACOM, which just happens to be run by George W. Bush’s cousin – Keeping it in the family perhaps? No other steel-framed building has collapsed in that manner, due to an office fire – the first, the last, my everything! The controlled demolition of 7WTC is the Red-Hot-Smoking-Gun. And so far the lighters point to the Bushes – that eminent Skull and Bones family [this is one of the key karmic threads in my metaphysical crime novel ‘Spirit of Prophecy’] and Vice-President Cheney.

Awakening Alchemy - Elon Musk Tweet

Paid doubters will try to discredit the ‘ArchitectsandEngineersfor911Truth’ saying they are a ‘minority’ and the government NIST report [which never even considers controlled explosion] is ‘proper, peer-reviewed, science’ aka indisputable TRUTH.

Really! Well, the ‘science’ in Covid-19 is also the Red-Hot-Smoking-Gun as the Spike Protein, which infects humans, doesn’t exist in any other naturally occurring Coronavirus [more about that in later blog] but where 27 Daszak/Fauci compromised scientists helped the front-liner funder-researchers [Anthony Fauci/Ralph Baric/Peter Daszak and Bat Lady Shen Li] cover up the real WIV-lab ORIGIN of the genetically engineered Covid-19. This was under orders directly from Peter Daszak and they insisted the origin was zoological. What about the illustrious scientific journals the ‘Lancet, Nature Medicine’ who published their letter stating that anyone suggesting a lab outbreak origin were ‘conspiracy theorists’. These, once eminent, scientific journals were also bought [He who pays the Piper calls the tune?] and also disgracefully published attacks on safe, effective, cheap, and proven treatments such as: HCQ [Hydroxychloroquine] and Ivermectin. Make no mistake, there was a cover-up going on that amounts to medical malpractice costing hundreds of thousands of lives.

Note, also, the claims of Dr. Li-Meng Yan and two of her colleagues that she has evidence China lied about human-to-human transmission as well as evidence that the virus was engineered in a lab. Dr. Yan has since fled Hong Kong fearing persecution from the Chinese Government.

The science, as we now see far more clearly is often not empirical but bought and skewed by the research funding. Always follow the money trail – dodgy funders to name but a few; such as, the Wellcome Trust, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation = Bad dude, alarm bells; add in links to China per the Imperial College of London and BINGO what you get is really bad ‘scientific data’ spun and fear-mongered by discredited ICL’s [Imperial College of London] Neil Ferguson – the Covid-19 lockdown, he instigated, with fake-data and scare-mongering cost many their lives, businesses – the economy and for many, their mental health.

Awakening Alchemy - Montage - Bat Lady, 3 Needles and Transhuman

My dear departed dad was so proud of his 1st class degree from ICL, yet how far our once glorious institutions have fallen and how finally we are beginning to awaken to the extent of corruption in the Deep-State swamp.  With 9/11 there was a pre-emptive, massive cover-up and the whole point that AE911 are making is that the Government NIST report did not even look at the possibility of explosives and they, rightly, want a new, independent investigation.

Awakening Alchemy - Larry Silverstein

‘Lucky Larry’ Silverstein

Back at 7WTC ‘Lucky Larry’ was on record a year prior saying he planned on rebuilding No.7 and he also commented on record; ‘yes, pull it’ that he had recently renegotiated and increased the insurance cover on all three buildings, with terrorist cover [arguably sensible as 1WTC had already been a target] and he also gained a prompt pay-out clause. He’s obliged under the terms of the lease, from the [Rothschild founded] Port Authority of NY and NJ to rebuild the Twin Towers. He collects the insurance money and replaces the Twins with a Solo. You could say he was quid’s in – plus. So also are the Port Authority [which runs roads, ports, railways, AIRPORTS, transport and infra-structure], the various New York mafia operations [Italian, Jewish, Russian etc.] that own steel and concrete firms, who get the clear-up and rebuilding contracts. Meanwhile back at Port-A-Roth’s they knew the buildings were a significant asbestos hazard and they’d be looking down the long lenses of hefty re-furbishing costs and later potential asbestos-injury legal claims. The Port Authority of NY and NJ tried to claim on insurance to cover the asbestos refurbishment costs but that was refused so they leased the buildings to ‘Lucky Larry’. So the total collapse, was now on his watch shortly after he took on the 100-year lease. This was – well, fortuitous, save for all those in Lower Manhattan who got to inhale the serious toxic and asbestos-ridden dust clouds.

Awakening Alchemy - Composite Photo Another Brick in the Wall Album Cover and Twin Pines

9/11 was a major, controlled, Psy-Op! Some of the ‘doubters’ are actually paid trolls and shills hired by the perps to create confusion and spin more webs of LIES. These doubters point out that the Port Authority cannot have been involved [La-la-la Land?] because the new Executive Director was killed [all loss of life is tragic] and he was Jewish. Duh, so one Jewish death [there were more of course] thus exonerates all Jews, Zionists, the State of Israel, and the Port Authority from any potential involvement either in the planning and / or the cover-up of 9/11? The Perpetrators are pure evil personified and in the front line is the US Federal Government, however the tentacles of evil span the entire Globe.

Awakening Alchemy - Composite - Annuit Ceptus, Aliens Scorpion, Pentacle

Meet the Rockefellers, the elite project planners, who, via their think-tank Foundation wrote the Coronavirus Pandemic predictive playbook called ‘Scenarios for the Future of Technology and International Capital’, in 2010 and which features a virus pandemic scenario called ‘LOCKSTEP’ where Global Governments become far more authoritarian. So, did they plan Covid-19 to bring in their Great Reset, over a decade ago? Check it out for yourself here:

Future of Technology Report

“Gosh – Reaching the Masses” 

Awakening alchemy - Composite Showing Biowarfare

“9/11 BioWar preparedness leads to virus warfare?”

The other plotters beloved by Truthers are the Rothschilds, the Onassis’ etc. who so kindly funded both Hitler and the Allies in WW1 and WW2; the money and vested interest always wins. In the Deep-State’s schemes your survival actually depends on your paygrade and the extent of your connectedness within their corrupt system. The CIA [Clowns of America?] told the Florida Chief Prosecutor to back off Epstein during the earlier trials for sex with minors because: ‘He’s way above your paygrade, so back off.’ Yep – Epstein [and allegedly Ms. Maxwell, also] were Mossad-funded and ran one of their numerous Compromise / Blackmail Operations. Again, allegedly, Monica Lewinsky was a Mossad honey-pot trap. Israeli spies even wired-tapped the President and had all their sex-calls taped. Handy for getting investigations which might incriminate them, dropped. There is much anecdotal evidence that a large Israeli spy-ring were highly involved in 9/11 – not a bunch of Arab Muslim terrorists!

Awakening Alchemy - Composite - Hugh Hefner, Victoria's Secret, Jeffrey Epstein

Who? Hugh Hefner’s Honeytrap Playboy Mansion morphs into Epstein’s blackmail ops funded by Leslie Wexner, Mossad etc

Equally important, however, are the stories of Intelligence failure cover-up’s i.e. the hushing up of the deeply secret operation ‘Able Danger’ which had names of 4 of the supposed 9/11 hijackers and several were, supposedly, under active-surveillance with assistance from Mossad. [Mossad were tracking the hijackers on American soil, so, why not the CIA or the FBI? The plot thickens] Either way US Intelligence Services knew of the al-Qaeda hijackers but dismally failed to do their job and prevent the so-called attacks, or some within the US Intelligence Services were in cahoots with Mossad and the Israeli spy-ring – or, better still the US Secret Services and Deep-State Spooks engineered the entire event using the five simulation war-games as cover for the real thing– take your pick.

Awakening Alchemy - 9/11 Commission Was A Cover-Up The playbook for 9/11 is the 1962 ‘Operation Northwoods’, a very similar Military Psy-Op planned to justify war against Cuba. It’s been declassified so look it up and give it a read and know that your government absolutely DOES plot / plan / and execute this kind of thing. In 9/11, some forty years later, the War-Game technology had really advanced apace and military cargo planes [one of the 4 in 9/11 had no windows so definitely not a commercial plane] were likely substituted for the original commercial planes – so there would have been stop-offs to switch to remote-controlled, drone planes. The two that hit the WTC’s had explosives on the under-carriage [identified on photographic stills] which were detonated on impact with the World Trade Centers in addition to the controlled demolition devices planted inside the buildings. The plane that definitely did not hit the Pentagon either launched a cruise-missile and flew off at hyper speed or the cruise-missile was launched from an Israeli-manned submarine. That, as they say, is what friends are for and Israel has infiltrated pretty much every American power orifice including the Mainstream Media (MSM) propaganda machine, to churn out the desired establishment message. Fake News as Trump calls it! Indeed!


*Thermalite – Typically used in military explosives was found all around Ground Zero. The extent of the heat required to melt steel, thousands of experts have determined, can only be attributed to explosives. After the planes hit the upper floors, many evacuating eyewitnesses, passers-by, and brave firemen going in on rescue missions reported that they heard / felt major explosions below ground [below the reception areas in 1+2 WTC] and then subsequently a series of smaller explosions higher up – Explosive experts confirm this is the typical sequence of controlled demolition by pre-rigged explosives, remotely detonated.

Awakening Alchemy - Photo of 6 Men Believed to be the Dancing Israeli's of 9/11

Are these the ‘Dancing Israeli’s’?

*White Van Men – At the time of the 9/11 WTC collapse groups of ‘Dancing Israelis’ were nearby in white vans and widely seen cheering and celebrating. They were investigated by the FBI and the removal company Urban Moving Systems was found to be fake, likely a front for Mossad. The Israeli-national owner quickly closed the company and fled. One of the former employees who had quit before 9/11 said the anti-American sentiment was rife and one of his former colleagues told him: ‘Give us 20 years and we’ll take over your media and destroy your country’. Certainly, the pro-Israeli lobby is extremely powerful and any unwelcome commentary is hounded as being anti-Semitic. All persecution on religious grounds is unwarranted but can’t just be used to muzzle legitimate questions. Equally, all religious leaders must call out the bad, black-sheep in their flocks – bad Jews are every bit as bad as murdering Jihadis, perverted Catholic and Christian priests and pastors, or any other religion-inspired criminal gig. Allegedly, many removal companies in NY back then were Israeli owned. None of the five of the so-called ‘Dancing Israelis’ were charged.

* Media – In 2001, Comcast, a huge internet, news, media, and leisure corporation were Jewish founded and owned, with Brian L. Roberts at the helm. NBC Universal News was based in the Rockefeller Centre, NY. The media coverage of 9/11 was pretty lame when it came to serious investigation or accountability. No mention whatsoever of the five, separate war-games being played that day, which provided cover and confusion – that should have been a huge story.

Here’s a text-book Deep-State career path: Figure this! Osteopath Dr. Susan Bailey joins a Research Unit in the US Navy then goes into Federal Government administration positions including Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense (Clinical Services) and from there bizarrely, in November 2001 – August 2006 worked as news analyst at NBC. Presumably her role here is to manage the fall out of 9/11 and ensure the narrative stays [must not deviate] on the official track. From here she jumps, in 2007, to Director of Emergent BioSolutions in Winnipeg, Canada, an organisation who subsequently are manufacturing two of the Covid-19 vaccines. Handy leap, as Dr. Susan’s EBS shares are cranking up a few million USD, a nifty bonus on top of the $330,000+pa salary.

Awakening Alchemy - Composite - Fake News, Patriots & Trump Tweets

Meanwhile back to 9/11 where the media are also not reporting TRIPOD II, the biowarfare exercise scheduled for 9/12/01 which mayor Rudy Giuliani’s Emergency Command Centre [ECC] are involved in. Yep, that’s correct, the Deep-State Spooks are planning the Biowarfare simulation right on top of the collapsing WTC buildings. Just to add to the hi-jinx Rudy’s former ECC director Jerome Hauer also heads off to pay-dirt at Emergent BioSolutions in Canada where in 2021 they’re churning out the AstraZeneca as well as the Johnson and Johnson vaccines. Smelling any Bat-Rats yet?

Awakening Alchemy - Donald Rumsfeld Announcing Loss of Billions From Defense - NEVER FORGET*Forensic Accounting – at 7WTC the ‘Spooks’ would not really want ‘average Joes’ clamouring all over their intel files, so it would be good to dispose of any incriminating evidence. On that note, of course, Rumsfeld had just announced an investigation into missing $trillion$$ from the Defense budget. The strategically targeted cruise-missile wipes out a heap-load of filing cabinets – that shuts down that old budget-deficit hole with an even bigger literal one! Pentagon survivor April Gallop sued Cheney, Myers, and Rumsfeld, arguing they knew that a strike was planned but they failed to evacuate the building. Cheney, especially, seems to be a pretty good candidate for our “suspect” line up.

*Spies and Assets – Another front-line suspect is Dov S. Zakheim, an Intel golden-boy who was part of a group think-tank called ‘Project for the New American Century’ [the Deep-State Cabal love think-tanks – Johns Hopkins, Rockefeller Foundation, Tavistock Centre, who do the global project-planning.] Remember these events are planned decades in advance and there’s always an over-arching script that they follow. They work on the ‘Big Lie’ hidden in plain sight, tactic. They’ll literally tell you what they are going to do but it’s so outrageous and awful that it leaves normal, empathetic people incredulous. The New American Century, according to Dov and his mates, is in need of a major catastrophic event, like another Pearl Harbor [which was also a ruse to get America to join WW2 – so these False Flags just get refined and more ambitious over time] which went on to become 9/11!

Awakening Alchemy - Composite - 3 Movie Covers - From Russia With Love, Spooks, MI-5

Sure enough, the MSM mouthpieces reporting 9/11 were all parroting ‘another Pearl Harbor’ again. As with Covid-19, they are key in rolling out project-fear. A fearful populace is more compliant of course and they can justify curtailing and removing our hard-won freedoms and civil liberties. [Control is always another big facet in the agenda.] Reporters from Veterans’ Alliance state that there was a high-ranking spy-network, including Cheney, the Heads of US and UN Atomic Energy Commissions, who reported to Israel’s PM and Mossad. There was also an under-reported shortfall of nuclear weapons in the Texas inventory which re-stocked Israel’s nuclear-arms shortfall and the rest got ‘sold’. A US team called ‘Able Danger’ were investigating the Israeli spy-ring and closing in on the network. Hence the ‘Able Danger’ operatives were called to a meeting in the Air-Force room, next to the Defense Intelligence Services [also high on the Cluedo suspect list this lot] on the first floor of the Pentagon – thirty-five of them died in the 9/11 missile strike. The rest were allegedly subsequently picked off one by one. According to insider, author of ‘Dope Inc’ the entire Global Intelligence network is heavily rogue-infested and in cahoots with all various mafia organisations, they run all the drugs / arms / sex-slave rackets – including child sex-trafficking. No wonder so few pedophile rings are smashed or the dark web demolished; they run / own the entire sh*t fest!

9/11 = War on Terror = Invade Iraq = Oil / Arms $$$. Invade Afghanistan = opium / heroin $$$ = resulting unrest, happy Kuwait Royal family and happy Israel. Ker-Ching! 

*Muslim Terrorists – Allegedly there were nineteen of them, four of them named and known to the CIA way back in 2000, the same ones who, piloting hijacked planes, performed stunts, acrobatics, and impossible feats that would have challenged the best of the renowned U.K. Red-Arrows. Bin-Laden was supposedly their ring-leader and they were part of the al-Qaeda terrorist group we were told. But hang on a minute, reputedly Osama Bin-Laden was actually a CIA asset and he died of kidney failure a good while before Obama had him reputedly tracked down by SEALS, killed in Pakistan and then buried at sea. Say what? Hence, subsequently, six of the same SEALS died [were removed] in a so-called ‘accident’. The evil in control is ruthless when it comes to its killing-missions and covering its tracks.

Awakening Alchemy - Osama Bin Laden's Compound in Pakistan

Bin Laden’s Alleged Compound

A member of Obama’s Special Taskforce on Terrorism, Dr. Alijandra Mogilner, is also a CIA asset and had infiltrated al-Qaeda, gaining access to their money-laundering operations and their main email server – but we are expected to believe that the US Intel agencies decided not to use her team’s data. Go figure that one? Also, of course, the subsequent ‘War on Terror’ gave America, Homeland Security – good for a Netflix series if nothing else but really, now these dubious services all have increased powers under the National Security Act to basically arrest / intern / torture / hold individuals without charge. They say you’re a ‘suspected terrorist‘, and bang you are locked up and they can throw away the key. They use this to threaten TRUTHER journalists – they are not all compromised. Many want to speak out but they get leaned on hard. To reiterate, the plane crashes and the Muslim terrorists were a FALSE FLAG.

Awakening Alchemy - Composite Photo 3 Flags - Israeli, U.S. & Daesh


A False Flag Operation is a covert operation designed to deceive; the deception creates the appearance of a particular party, group or nation being responsible for some activity, disguising the actual source of responsibility.

The CIA knew who they were and key names were under close surveillance but were allowed in / out of the USA to take flying lessons, have bank accounts in their real names. These Intel services are so not fit for purpose that they should be instantly defunded. OR is the real enemy at the gate residing much closer to home? The US Government certainly were involved in the planning, the execution, and are still involved now in a massive cover-up. Or were they working in cahoots with ones who’d benefit most from war, chaos amongst the Arab / Muslim states in the Near and Middle East = Zionist Israel – or rather, Satanists / Luciferians, posing as Zionist Israeli’s. Or was the Bush Administration so brown-nosing the Kuwaitis, and the Saudis [Bush’s biographer joked, why would Bush kill Osama Bin Laden – he was his business partner?], were rumours of Israeli involvement just a red herring to make them the ‘scapegoats’?

Awakening Alchemy - Composite - 9/11 & Wall St's Golden Bull

*The Money Trail – The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), also housed in 7WTC monitors insider-trading and they can see anomalies with their sophisticated, real-time, pricing charts. Sure enough, in the run up to 9/11 the charts showed activity indictive of insider-trading in put-options in United and American Airlines, some insurance companies, etc. The SEC can and do pull all the related trade-history data so they can track EXACTLY who was profiting from insider knowledge, i.e. those who knew in advance that 9/11 was planned. The SEC purportedly tracked some of said activity to Saudi Investment accounts which members of the Bush family had an interest in along with Kuwaiti interests. Inexplicably, they never disclosed, who – nor was anyone charged. Meanwhile, staff involved had to sign Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDA’s) which was, itself, highly unusual.


Buying put-options, which are highly leveraged, [more potential return for less initial capital outlay gives you the right to sell the underlying security at an agreed price at/up to the expiry date.

So, if you knew United and American airlines would be involved you would bet that their stock prices would fall – which it did – you’d sell your PUTs at a premium which would be ‘in-the-money’, as they gave the buyer the right to sell at a higher than market price. You, the holder, made a virtually guaranteed profit. If the trail had actually led to any real terrorists the SEC surely would have been all over it like a rash as that was one of the most obvious ways of identifying who was involved [aside from the ludicrous passport that supposedly fell out the sky and landed in the CIA’s lap] – or whatever.

So, as you may be gathering – the official narrative is as full of moth-holes as ancient underwear, positively riddled with holes and fraying the edges of credibility at every stage. Like that rather odd, salvaged brick from Bin-Laden’s so-called compound in Pakistan which sits in the Ground Zero museum. They build the complex narrative, layer by layer, making it intentionally hard to keep track. As Pink Floyd would say, that was; ‘just another brick in the wall’.

Awakening Alchemy - The Plane Has Struck the WTC I hope this blog has made a start on pulling some of the loose ends together – [physics911 and 911Truth have done amazing investigative research]. I worked for several years at 7WTC where derivatives and arbitrage were my area of particular expertise. Back then, I was a fairly conventional [if maverick] investment banker. Given that there are NO coincidences and so-called Conspiracy Theories often [not always of course but when backed by empirical evidence of which there is a lot relating to 9/11] signpost to the TRUTH, this needs to be revisited. The victims, survivors and all those impacted deserve a full independent enquiry. I hope that when you begin to understand what really happened on 9/11, you’ll see the same diabolical patterns rolling out in the whole Covid-19 pandemic and as they close in on trying to vaccinate children we need way-more bricks in the walls of resistance and as soon as possible





Take a look at what Chris Sky has to say about giving up your rights: 

In the next BLOG episode in this series, we’ll look more closely at the suspects, the main players, the motives, and the stakes in the game… and join some MORE dots to Covid-19.

Another excellent, beautifully presented blog series, along similar lines but with more research is ‘911 Reckoning’: You can access that here:

911 Reckoning

Awakening Alchemy - Composite - Gold Cross & Eagle and Lucifer's Tantrum

Meanwhile, remember Luke 10:19

I have given you authority to stamp on snakes and scorpions and overcome all the power of the enemy; nothing will harm you.

And here’s our rally cry! ‘PASSION – CRUSHING SNAKES’ Play and enjoy:


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