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On the Salisbury Plain, lies the ancient monument of Stonehenge. Not that very far away at all, in Stoney Wood, Wirksworth, Derbyshire, lies a 21st Century galactic monument that is the StarDisc.

Stardisc at Sunset-AwakeningAlchemy

Photo Credit: Jim Bell

StarDisc is a stone circle and celestial amphitheatre that was the brainchild of Aidan Shingler. Carved into the black granite stone circle is a star chart that mirrors the Northern Hemisphere night sky. Measuring 12 Metres in diameter, the surface of the stone circle is inscribed with the constellations, their names, and a depiction of the Milky Way Galaxy. The perimeter of StarDisc is made from silver granite and contains 12 granite seats that denote the months of the year. StarDisc is illuminated at night and in gloomy weather, by solar power. I discovered this incredible site when one of my reader’s got in contact: He loved my book which opens with a message to all StarSeeds and he thought that I’d love StarDisc, of course Chris was right, and I planned my visit on the Winter Solstice, 20.12.2019.

What Inspired StarDisc?

In Aidan Shingler’s own words:

“Throughout my life I have been enchanted by the mystery and magic of the stars. My interest in the stars lies with our emotional response to them – their power to ignite our imagination and sense of wonder. The inspiration for StarDisc stems from a vision to create environments where people from all walks of life can gather, contemplate, and connect with whatever resides beyond the sphere of our world. I describe StarDisc as a temple without walls.”

Aidan Shingler 2011

StarDisc’s Opening:

Crowds at the Openiong of StarDisc - Awakening Alchemy

StarDisc Opening

StarDisc was officially opened on September 10th 2011, by BBC’s The Sky at Night presenter, Peter Lawrence. It had taken six years from Aidan’s conception to completion. More than a thousand people participated in the opening celebration, which included an outdoor screening of Steven Spielberg’s masterpiece, Close Encounters of the Third Kind.

Supported by world-renowned astronomer and television presenter, Sir Patrick Moore, Sir Patrick was moved to comment:

StarDisc is intended to inspire, entertain, engage and educate; that too has been my intention during the 55 years I have presented The Sky at Night. To study the stars is to study life.; the more we understand the stars, the more we understand ourselves… Congratulations to all who have made StarDisc a reality.”

Sir Patrick Moore 1923 – 2012

Since it’s opening in 2011, tens of thousands of visitors have flocked to the StarDisc and numerous events have been staged there. It is free to visit and open to anyone, 24 hours a day, all year round.

StarDisc Array:

StarDisdc at Night Lit up by Solar lights - Awakening Alchemy

Photo Credit: Rod Kirkpatrick

It is the dream of Aidan Shingler and others to establish a StarDisc Array, of similar monuments all over Britain. This array would form a series of linked visionary, interactive, artistic creations that would encourage public participation and provide social, economic and community benefits to the areas in which they are established. Each StarDisc will celebrate diversity, creativity, promote inclusion, and nurture cohesion in communities.

One of the visions of Aidan Shingler is to create a monument that will both fascinate and intrigue archaeologists in the future as they try to piece together civilisation at the dawn of 21th Century. He sees StarDisc as a torch bearer for the union of art, science and spirituality.

Anna Clyne, fundraiser, puts it this way:

StarDisc is a special and magical place and I firmly believe that more locations across the UK through the StarDisc Array would be of great benefit to many communities.”

Anna Clyne

Allied to the creation of a StarDisc Array is the idea of the creation of a Star Seekers Way. This is envisaged as a mapped route, a stellar trail that will help develop astro-tourism, encouraging visitors to embark on a journey of self-discovery to each separate StarDisc.

What an awesome idea? This can be seen as contributing to the nation’s creative and artistic heritage and leaving an enduring cultural legacy for all humanity.

Who is Aidan Shingler?

Person Meditating at Sunset on Top of StarDisc - Awakening Alchemy

Photo Credit: Jim Bell

London born, Aidan, now lives in Derbyshire with his dancer, writer, wife, Tricia Durdey. For almost four decades now he has worked tirelessly as an artist, writer, and activist. He conceived of and organised the Kissit XX Campaign; a series of national protests to expose human rights violations in the psychiatric system. He is the co-author of On the Receiving End, a book that highlights the impacts of psychiatric assault and calls for radical reform in the mental health system. His art is intended to question and challenge the ruling paradigms of thought and culture, inviting participants to “look at the world, anew”.

In one of his many talks Aidan raises the question: Schizophrenia, Insanity or Enlightenment?

If we consider the altered states of those who have achieved states of Enlightenment through meditation such as Buddhists, Hindu’s, New Agers (Ekhert Toll) trance mediums, to mention but a few, it is clear that in order to achieve higher levels of insight it is necessary to by bass the Ego, and that is to say, to vault over all the many limiting beliefs and constructs to reach altered states of consciousness. Society is quick to label people with a different experience of life, and the knee jerk reaction is to shame and silence them. Yet, consider this; we are societies who fail to value the Earth that gives us nourishment and often lose the thread of the kindness, and compassion that connects us to the soul that is at ONE with the Universal Mind. So perhaps they are simply more sensitive and have greater access to more profound truths?

StarDisc Illuminated by the Rising Sun - Awakening Alchemy

Photo Credit: George Peck

Aidan discusses this in his beautiful book, “Psyche,” published by Thorntree where he mentions receiving information via an auditory transmission about a future encounter with Star People. Later he opened a chocolate Kinder Egg which contained a small figurine Asterix, which means star!

Do visit the StarDisc Website and check out how to get there and all the news:

StarDisc and 9/11:

What is the link between StarDisc and the worst terrorist act on American soil, in history, you may ask?

Many Planes on Gander Airport's Runway after 9/11 - Awakening alchemy

Planes Line Up at Gander after 9/11

Well, when all of those planes were ordered out of the air following the attacks on the twin towers on 9/11/2001, they had to go somewhere and many of them ended up in the small Newfoundland town of Gander, in Canada. This small town opened up its hearts to the 6,700 passengers and crew from 96 countries who suddenly ended up on their doorsteps. Wirksworth resident, Chris Spencer, bound for New York on a Lufthansa flight was one of those 6,700 passengers who ended up in Gander.

Chris always wanted to find a way to thank the people of Gander for their warmth and compassion on that horrible day and when he suggested to Aidan Shingler that he would like to raise funds to gift the town of Gander, a StarDisc, Aidan was thrilled to jump on board.

Chris has said:

“I am just one of the many who received and witnessed the compassion and generosity of the islanders. Although I am agnostic, this extraordinary experience made me understand why people have faith in God, and I now know for sure the existence of angels… they are the gracious people of Gander, Newfoundland, who welcomed us with open arms and provided shelter from the storm… for this, I and fellow stranded passengers and crew have reason to thank our lucky stars and remain forever grateful.”

Chris Spencer

Chris aims to raise £200,000, which will be used to:

  • Lineup of many airlines at Gander Terminal after 9/11 - Awakening Alchemy

    Lineup of Many Airlines at Gander after 9/11

    Commission, ship, construct and launch a StarDisc in Gander for 9/11/2021 (the 20th Anniversary of 9/11)

  • Give thanks to the town and recognise the incredible compassionate humanity of its citizens.
  • Establish a permanent memorial of 9/11
  • Enrich the town’s cultural activities.
  • Support the local economy.
  • Celebrate universal inclusion.

The hope is to raise enough for a full-scale 40ft StarDisc but if funding falls short, either a 21ft, 14ft, or 7ft Micro StarDisc will be sent. A site has already been set aside, by the local council, in Cobb’s Pond Rotary Park.

If you would like to help in the Crowdfunding of the Gander StarDisc please visit: and do watch this video on YouTube:

My Visit to StarDisc:

Jill Hughes Standing Overlooking StarDisc - Awakening Alchemy

The Author at StartDisc

As I mentioned earlier, I went to visit Aidan and StarDisc on 20th December 2019 in celebration of the Winter Solstice. I went up the steep narrow road leaving the village far behind, where Aidan and his tri-pawed, hound dog Benny were waiting for me at the top. The spectacular site is through the silver “Gateway to the Stars” next to a quarry with a wooden viewing gallery and a sign saying “Where Earth meets Sky”. Aidan explained more about the star constellations and I was, as ever, drawn to Sirius (the Dog Star) and was intrigued to see the alignment between Cannis Major. It was fitting that Benny hopped over and had a paw on that one! The Disc itself is magnificent, and Aidan was a most gracious host. He has an incredible knowledge about star systems and constellations in our Northern Hemisphere, and as a StarSeed myself, I was delighted to learn how well his plans were progressing. Aidan appreciated the roses that I had brought as a thank you; both person and place have a wonderful calm and benevolent energy – I urge you to visit. After all, where else can you walk on the stars as opposed to looking at them?

Aidan Shingler and Dog Benny Standiong on StarDisc - Awakening Alchemy

Aidan Shingler and Benny

Following on from my visit to StarDisc I was inspired to go to London’s West End to watch the musical “Come From Away,’’ which tells the story of the diverse mix of 9/11 ‘refugees’ both humans and the animals in the plane’s holds, who ended up in Gander – Chris was one of course – and it features a prayer:

“Make us a channel of your peace. Where there’s despair in life let me bring hope. Where there is darkness, only light. And where there is sadness, ever joy.’’

Indeed, and this amazing play honours – what was lost, but also we commemorate what was ‘found’……………

‘Somewhere, in the middle of nowhere, you found your heart but left a part of you behind.’

An incredible sentiment in these dark and troubled times, and I can think of no finer tribute to this than a StarDisc for Gander, so please help Aidan and Chris deliver this. Please find a moment to be moved and to contribute to something that is bigger and overarching, and of noble emotions, actions and deeds which unite humanity.

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Banner Featuring Two Ants Communicating and an Ant Shaped Crop Circle - Awakening Alchemy

The ANT crop circle which appeared in Sparticles Wood, near Netherme-on-the-Hill, Surrey, UK appeared on the Solstice, June 21st, 2019, which connects to the strong Sirius 8:8 energy gateway, that offers the possibility of renewal as we move into a new season in our lives.

Geometrically Designed Crop Circle in Wheat: Cube - Awakening Alchemy Crop circles are a world-wide phenomenon increasing in number and complexity from the 1970s to date, and particularly in the UK, where they are quite prevalent in Wiltshire,  [there’s even a Crop Circle Information Centre] nearby, and around Avebury, Stonehenge – the ley-lines of sacred sites and beyond. Some of them are being revealed as having been created solely by humans, even a sixth- grade class created quite a wonderful one in France recently. Generally, it’s debated whether they are either hoaxes [man-made], caused by obscure natural causes, or Extra-Terrestrial/Supernormal activity – and, guess what? The jury is still out, although I hope to illuminate a little after my visit to Sparticles Wood.

Many Crop Circles supposedly have a frequency of other-worldliness and a perfection beyond what we can currently create with planks and measuring devices. They feel as if the imprint of them was already in the crops and they just arose when it was time, released from Inner Earth in a magical but organic way. They have a geometric [Sacred Geometry – which is also deemed to be a method of deep non-verbal communication at soul level] elegance too, and a sense of communication, a message that you can tap into, a conversation that you can join. This supports the unknown/obscure Natural Causes or E.T./Supernormal theories.

Take a look at the crop circle video here: courtesy of Hampshire Flyer.

What do you think? What does this convey to you?

Some visitors claim that you can feel the galactic transmission energies beamed in from the beyond. UFO followers say the Crop Circles are made by visiting spacecraft when they touch down. Indeed, there are internet posts channelling messages from Ashtar, purportedly a UFO Captain and Star Being from the Arcturian Federation, who claims to have created the Ant crop circle to support us here on Earth with our spiritual Ascension. This movement is well underway now in the Age of Aquarius.

More on this anon, but in alignment with our series about animal communication, how do ants communicate? Check out this Youtube video, from BrainStuff -How StuffWorks: Are Ants better communicators than you?

PS: Please note that the said ants would not be making a trek to nab my roast beef panini at any given picnic, as I’m vegan. So, if that’s your fav sarnie-to-steal = sorry little guys, time to scarper elsewhere!

Collection of Fire Ants Swarming on Cooked Rice - Awakening Alchemy

Fire Ants on Rice

Ants communicate using pheromones (chemical scent signals), perceiving smells through long mobile antennae, and they also feel and touch – they don’t have ears and have poor vision, but they are very sensitive to vibrations via receptors in their legs. Each ant colony has a unique smell, so members can recognise one another and sniff out intruders.

It occurs to me that this could come in very handy for us if, in fact, ET’s arrived [in full force with fanfare and lights ablaze – probably as holograms, which would appear pretty real and fool/distract most of us – since many claim they are in fact already here – quietly mingling amongst us or preoccupied in underground bases as they indeed have been for a long time] So at some future point – when we are primed and ready – “They” with our Governments’ involvement, of course – reveal themselves. Right now, I’m thinking of a stage magician pulling a white rabbit out of a hat….

Star Being Ashtar Waving at us - Awakening Alchemy


Meanwhile, I circle back to the dear Star Being Ashtar: who goes on to explain why he and his chums from many other Cosmic nations, [these supposedly friendly and benevolent ET’s] have come here to help us and left us a message via the ANT Crop circle they claim to have created. He explains that some Star Beings look like insects and if they appeared to us here on Earth that could be scary and may evoke Fear and negative responses. [True if they drop in as SPIDERS, I’d be fine, but my kids would run a mile! Screaming all the while.]

My Comment: So, is this just a softening-up exercise to get us used to different-than/to-human forms before they initiate some planned First Contact protocol? Personally, I  reckon it’s so, and I would not trust this particular channel – however, we may find some real gold, hidden amongst the fool’s stuff. Just always remember to check in with your intuition and see what resonates and what red flags pop up.

Ashtar: You could say this is designed to awaken relationships with ants, and Ant Beings, as it will increase interest them, and there will be more traffic and searches looking for information.

My Comment: True, I’ve been on a Googling mission too and my pinkies are aching now.

Ashtar: Since we do not like to scare people and ant beings simply are a little scary for most humans.

My Comment: As I suspected, it is a softening-up exercise then, designed to get us onside. There are a multitude of New Age Spiritual channels out there in the ethers, many claiming to be connecting with Star Beings, who appear to be all singing from the same Intergalactic hymn sheet –Female Star Being Posed in Front of Space - Awakening Alchemy ‘We come in LOVE and LIGHT to help you, humanity to Ascend to higher dimensions, and to become ONE with Source…and so on.” And, this is a very seductive message for many who wish to feel accepted/connected and have a sense of belonging. I would counter – that there are NEGATIVE and POSITIVE beings in all/most dimensions [certainly where FORM/MATTER is involved] so it is essential to be very selective and careful about allowing ANY channelled energies in. Think carefully – and if you go ahead – always protect and ground yourself – however great these energy transmissions [that you usually get charged for] make you feel – it may be a fake/synthetic “high” designed to get you hooked, or worse a switch to turn off your positive energy, and substitute manipulated draining stuff. The Channeler may be very loving, and lovely, but they may not realise that they are being manipulated in order that truth seekers can be indoctrinated. So, I’d say this: “All those on a New Age spiritual journey please stay awake, keep your wits about you – above all be DISCERNING and like the ant, learn to trust your gut, your intuition and sniff out the kin-folk vs the intruders.”

Ashtar: Like the Ants, we are all working together for a Common good.

A Packed UN General Assembly Hall - Awakening Alchemy

U.N. General Assembly Hall

My Comment: Great, only is it our [humanity’s] common good, or theirs? Is pure benevolent assistance really their intention? If so, what is the as-yet-undisclosed AGENDA? What’s in it for them and who are they ultimately working for? Unlike ants, our politicians and world leaders have rarely worked together, in the past, for the common good but maybe there’s a bigger NEW FUTURE plan to flip this and get us to buy into ONE WORLD LEADERSHIP with the UNITED NATIONS as the UNIFYING force. Of course peace / love / and harmony sounds awesome doesn’t it? But how long will it last, what price are we paying and where will it ultimately lead us? There will be dues to be paid, and it may be you trade your Freedom and Free Will for comfort, security and an initially easy ride, but is that really a fair price, particularly if you aren’t told the real terms [a bit like the reams of hidden / movable small print in an insurance contract?] when you sign up. Remember FREE WILL has to be respected, you can simply say “No Thanks,” and opt-out.

A Swarm of Ants Collecting Forest Detritus - Awakening Alchemy Back to a bit more about how ants communicate. Well, they communicate danger by sending off “Alarm” pheromones to tell other ants; danger, prepare for an attack. A colony of ants has a collective brain as large as many mammals. Even though it is very small, the ant is very strong and can accomplish amazing feats of strength when many of them come together for a common purpose and goal. Similar to those on a mission to change the world, to move out of 3D consciousness, to ascend into your sacred human frequencies, which is a challenging transformation.

Just because the ant is common, its power and specialness can often be overlooked. Like YOUR unique attributes can be as well. Here the ANT crop circle reminds us of the strength, patience, determination and great communication skills that the ant offers as a mirror for these qualities in us too.

Interestingly, the ants have a predominantly female hierarchy [Divine Feminine] The ant reminds you that you cannot do it alone, they are very social animals.

Portrayal of the Orion Nebula

Orion Nebula

You will need each other. Some spiritual/mythological researchers claim that the Queen of the Universes resides in Orion, in a hive/colony-like organisation, and that she created the Earth as a Living Library, a glorious creative experiment which got hi-jacked [by her elder son after he repeated less than positive behaviours, so eventually she promoted his younger brother over him] and it has since gone “a little” awry. Queen ants live some 30 years, females 1-3 years as workers – feeding the larvae, cleaning and taking out the trash, foraging for supplies and defending the nest. Unfertilised eggs develop as males and have a limited life span. Indeed, a few ant species are all cloned and hence all female. Additionally, there are winged sexuals who fly off to mate and start a new colony.

This also fits into the “Orion Queen” interpretation of the Universe, and how she, being the ultimate SOURCE, goes forth and creates new planets, life forms, star systems, constellations and so forth, as she did with Earth. Apparently, we on Earth are limited to perceiving only 4% of the Multiverse [until we collectively raise our vibration] and the rest [the VOID/Darkness] the 96% is teeming with very diverse life forms. Also, what we’ve learned about ants, seems to fit what some Channelers are being told about how the Star Beings affairs across the Galaxies have been playing out throughout the eons. Seemingly there have been some big Inter-Galactic wars with Negative rebels forming an Alien Invasion Force, flying or nano-transporting, and capturing/taking over other planets [including Earth], other star systems, and even entire vast galaxies. All very “Star Wars” – with the Galactic Federation trying to get things back on track and/until The Empire Strikes Back – albeit we are advised that Orion is not war-like [now] but will fight back to defend her empire if attacked. This is true of Queen ants too – they have one main job: to procreate, however, if there are other potential queens around, she scales back on productivity so that she has more energy for the fighting power required to defend her colony.

Aerisal Photo of Ant shaped Nasca Lines in Peru - Awakening Alchemy

Nasca Lines – Peru

The ANT Crop circle communicates this to me: the desirability of selectively joining together for the common welfare of our species, motivated by a joyous vision of what life on Gaia could become, and return to once again. This is driven by the desire to end the suffering of ALL sentient beings. Inspired by our beautiful, diverse planet and assisting Her consciousness, returning to complete harmony with ours. Focused on healing the fear, separation, isolation that LIVES in our DNA, our heart, and our souls.

Ants, like many ET’s, do not have complex [e.g. love, anger, grief, shame, compassion, empathy, etc] emotions like us, but they do approach things they find pleasant [non-vegan sarnies for instance, ha-ha] and avoid the unpleasant. Also like many ET’s particularly the negative sorts, they are motivated by survival, procreation, defending the queen and the colony, so if their home / nest gets overcrowded, low on resources, or even destroyed, they’ll be off looking for new territory. In this respect, Ashtar’s remarks about visiting Earth are quite revealing. If it piques your curiosity, maybe do a bit of research.

Inspiration can come from the smallest, and most common of sources, such as our ant family creatures. Going forward, we can elect to sign-up for increased AI, life-span extension in a cyborg body, or we can scale down our Smart Phone use, disconnect from mainstream media and focus on positive and uplifting stuff, say no to the potential incoming Machine Age, and yes to more fully reconnecting with nature again. All future realities can be changed with sufficient focus, intention, and elevated vibration. Tune into your soul’s contribution to this mission. Feel and heal the fears to BE in commUNITY that come from this life, birth family experiences, also from other timelines and dimensions too.

Artist's Rendition of Mother Earth/Gaia - Awakening Alchemy

Mother Earth / Gaia

Ants teach us about the importance of the Divine Feminine energy – Mother Earth or Gaia is Divine Feminine energy, some would say that the SOURCE is also Divine Feminine, but ultimately, of course, the imbalances of thousands of years of patriarchal influence, now really need to be redressed at last, so that male and female energies are balanced and working together. I tend to feel that SOURCE/Universal Absolute is neither male nor female, but transcends gender, and is impersonal which I believe accords with Vedic Vaishnava Advaita teachings, albeit there are many male and female gods in Hinduism generally. In the early Christian Nag Hammadi Gnostic gospel scrolls, found in Egypt in 1945, the Gnostics also believed that God is both male and female, which makes some sense from the perspective of Divine Unity.

Law of Divine Oneness on Starlit Background - Awakening Alchemy As you join in community with compassion and feeling Joy, you can feel your TRUE strength as amplified and supported by all those around you returning again to Oneness and to Divine LOVE. The benevolent Star Beings and the growing number of positive-focused humans, along with similarly inclined sentient beings have the power to imagine a better world, just imagine what it would look like, the sounds, the smells and above all [since feelings are the language of the Soul] what it will feel like. Then the power of collective higher consciousness can lift the positive and your new future reality can soar. The messages of Ant Crop Circle were really multi-layered,then? Awesome!


Breaking News : Yes, I went to visit the Crop Circle, on Friday 9th August, armed with Ord. Survey Map – and these are huge and very difficult to ‘read’ unless you’re a boy/girl/both/either – scout, or otherwise averagely intelligent [der, which seemingly I’m not as I deffo didn’t pass the orientation badge task!] plus Vegan picnic to ward off multi-legged friendly or otherwise invaders. [BTW – how many legs do ants have – erm is it 6 or what?] Anyway after many phone calls back and forth, my friend calls me again and I pull over [no hands-free, der – don’t do technology – the on/off switch is an achievement, I reckon].

“So has the farmer given permission for us to go look at this? It’s on private land you realise?” she asks.

“Erm, dunno. It’s not marked as open to access for the public, but then it’s not access denied either.”  We’ll just wing-it as is usual in my neck of the woods, and hope for the best, I conclude.

This clearly is not cutting it. “And do you even know if it’s still there? Have you checked?”

I’m thinking, oh, hang about let me just get the light aircraft out and do a quick fly-over, eh?  But instead I say, “How do I know? I’m a Crop-ie newbie.”

“Really,” she sighs, “you haven’t done any proper research have you?”

With that, we are intentionally or otherwise disconnected. The Universe does indeed work in mysterious ways.

Anyway, folks, we got there – it was up a long windy rural single-track road, behind Starbucks – obviously a key ET navigation satellite marker, this. Or refuelling stop for crews of plank-bearing human-hoaxers, perhaps? We only got lost twice and parked facing a big crop field next to a white van. Ravenous by now we tucked into said picnic, washed down by mini cans of Karma Cola [how cool is that? Well actually not very, but it did the trick.] Anyway, my friend wonders what we will do if the gun-wielding farmer chases us and runs us off his land?

I ponder on this and say, “Well, of course I’ll protect you and try reason with him.”

“Huh, well good luck, I’m not hanging around for that.”

Man Nordic Walking in Forest - Awakening Alchemy So, I conclude it is everyone for themselves out here, then? The Ant Unity message fell on deaf ears perhaps? Indeed, as a gentleman of advancing years came Nordic-walking past us and striding up the field ahead, I sprang out of the car and sprinted [yes, sprinted] after him, shouting, to no avail. Then with a further speed burst, I catch up and tug on his rucksack strap. Poor gentleman nearly leaps out of his skin, but at least removes his earphones.

“Hi sorry – sorry. We’re looking for the crop circle. Have you seen it?” 

Human Encounter #1: He shakes his head and carries on. Out in nature, but listening to music, so oblivious and perfectly distracted and disconnected.

Off to the right a large flock of birds circles ominously. The wind is picking up. Gunshots echo and reverberate as I hop back into the car.

“See, I told you- the farmer has a gun!”  my friend says. “Mind you the way you set off after that hiker, maybe you could outrun him after all, Jill.”

We both laugh, finish eating, pack up, then venture out into the field in search of – something. After a while a figure approaches, arms pumping as he strides down the hill. He is in army camouflage combat gear, with a walkie-talkie and a rifle.

Human Encounter#2: Against my friend’s instructions, I ask him if he’s seen the crop circle. He looks at me as if I’m crazy and shakes his head.

We walk a long way around two huge fields and find a water tower thing, except it’s not; we joke that it must be the ET refuelling tank, who knows. On our way back to the car as we walk down the hill, an off-road vehicle approaches at speed.

“The farmer, now we’re for it,” my companion groans.

Human Encounter #3: I flag him down – if anyone will know it’s him surely – and I am a woman-on-a-mission after all. He winds his window down, like you do, and I notice there’s a little one in the back, but he’s not the farmer and no he’s hasn’t seen any crop circle.

Curious, I ask him where this track leads to.

“Nowhere, I’m just driving around.”

On private land with a baby on board – that’s a bit weird, I’m thinking. However, perhaps this human could read my thoughts?

He says, “did you notice though that the fields have all been cut? So, that crop circle of yours… well, chances are, it’s disappeared – oh – around 10 days ago.”

Two Women Walking Through a Wheat Field - Awakening Alchemy Hmmm – really? Humans eh? Who can figure THEM out? Since the Crop Circle had disappeared, this experience still remains on the Bucket-List, and I can’t comment on the energy, the origin or whatever – so the jury’s still out. But just to say, had a fab day full of joy and laughter with my good friend and that’s ultimately what the journey is all about!

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