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Shen Yun

Shen Yun Poster - Chinese Woman Flies Across the Stage - Awakening Alchemy Last year I booked tickets for ‘’Shen Yun’’, a performing-arts, theatrical event in London’s West End; as is often the case, I was seduced by the glossy brochure included in the Sunday Times newspaper. It looked lovely and indeed “Shen” means deity, spirit, supernatural and the brochure explained that it was about the beauty of divine beings dancing and was a wonderful opportunity to learn more about ancient Chinese culture. The production, which included a blend of traditional Chinese music and classical Western tracks was formed by a group of expat. Falun Gong practitioners living in the USA. The tickets were not cheap and only after they had arrived, did I think to check out the Trip Advisor reviews: They were curious, indeed, saying that the production was politically charged and promoting a religious group. Hence, I was obliged to re-consider and concluded that this was not going to be the light-hearted family entertainment that I had originally envisaged for a birthday treat, so I had to fork out again and book for the Lion King, which better fitted that bill. However, some friends and I went along to watch “Shen Yun” and indeed it was interesting and visually beautiful, if a tad off-beat.

Falun Gong:

Falun Gong Exercises - Two Practitioners sitting on grass in Lotus Position - Awakening Alchemy Little did I know then that I would come to write about it, in the current context. Falun Gong was born in China from the Qigong which is a centuries old system of body – posture – movement – breathing and meditation used for health and spirituality. Qigong literally means ‘’life – energy cultivation,” (more about the significance of Q to follow shortly,) it is similar to Tai-Chi but with Tai-Chi, the power is dense whereas with Qigong the power is light and it is recognised as a mind-body medicine which, like yoga, uses breath to invoke a deeply-relaxed state, involving meditation and slow-moving exercises, which the leader combines with moral and spiritual teaching focusing on truthfulness, compassion, forbearance. (Which rather seems to be entirely lost on the Chinese People’s Republic [CPR], minds at present). The ultimate purpose or aim of the group is to achieve Tao. Tao literally means “way” but can also be interpreted as road, channel, path, doctrine or line. By achieving Tao, a practitioner is put onto the right path/way, avoiding outside interference and achieving goals, effortlessly. The ultimate goal is to reach the state of ‘’Xining” which involves the refinement of moral character so that the ratio of positive energy (virtue), is raised higher than negative energy (karma), by doing good deeds, for example, So, Xining aims to upgrade a person’s mind and moral quality. The leader of the Falun Gong movement, Li Hongzhi says he studied with Buddhist and Taoist masters. Contrary to the CPR’s propaganda, the movement is not a cult, nor is it particularly an organised religion, although it does focus on health and it does have a charismatic leader, so it could be loosely described a type of New-Age religious movement. You can read much more about the teaching of Falun Gong, here on Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Falun_Gong

Large Pro-Democracy Crowds Demonstrate in Hong Kong - Awakening Alchemy What Price Democracy in Hong Kong?

Falun Gong, in Hong Kong, have built strong links with pro-democracy groups there and it saddens me to learn that 17 pro-democracy protesters have been arrested and imprisoned under the long reach of the Chinese Dragon’s claws. The group also has a significant presence in Taiwan where they use free-gate software to circumvent Chinese Internet censorship. Early Falun Gong protests were deemed to be a challenge to communist rule and the group were persecuted, as I noted in my earlier blog, in this series. The propaganda emanating from the smoking dragon, of the state machine, says that Falun Gong is an evil cult, full of feudal superstitions. In the early days, the Falun Gong protests were deemed as a serious challenge to communist rule, leading to a severe crackdown; hundreds of thousands of arrests, and detainments, all justified with a relentless media attack upon the movement. The State also staged a fake suicide event, claiming that five Falun Gong practitioners had set fire to themselves, in Tiananmen Square, in the centre of Beijing [this following on from the massacre of thousands of peaceful, unarmed protestors, annihilated, en-masse, by the corrupt communist party in 1989], whereas on January 23, 2001, two people died. Falun Gong maintains that the group is vehemently anti-suicide and that the whole event was staged, for propaganda purposes, orchestrated by the State.

Grannies Exercising in Groups  – Are they Keeping a Safe Distance – or is that the Least of their Worries?

A Granny Prectices Falun Gong - Hands above Head - Awakening Alchemy Stephen Mosher, in a letter to the Wall Street Journal, said the CPR campaign was like an anti-terrorism operation, against exercising grannies! As a direct result of this persecution, the peaceful Falun Gong movement has emerged as one of the most strident opponents and critics of the CPR government, which, of course, tolerates no criticism, diversity, or dissent. In 2009 Spain and Argentina indicted Jiang Zemin and other Chinese officials on charges of genocide and crimes against humanity based on lawsuits and campaigning by Falun Gong practitioners. Because of the terrible campaign of suppression and atrocious acts committed by the CPR, Falun Gong ended up becoming explicitly political, meanwhile the CPR is incapable of tolerating those who do not kowtow and toe the party line.


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Coincidences are Often Sign Posts: Pay Attention!

I am so glad that I went to watch the Shen Yun performance and that the price of the tickets went to such a worthy cause but I’m just sad that it took almost a year for the real message to land and penetrate my consciousness. Now I see that the persecution torture and extermination of the Falun Gong, that they were trying to draw attention to in their performances, is part of a bigger dubious plan being rolled out by a dark communist regime. That said, darkness of course can be found across the Globe, they sadly do not have a monopoly on that. Some Western governments are arguably guilty of turning “Capitalism Chinese,” in the worst possible sense.

Caged Animals Stacked Haphazardly in Wuhan Wet Market From animals treated abysmally in vile wet markets; initially it was claimed that CV19 originated here (more on this is a subsequent blog) – A study published in Nature magazine suggests that endangered pangolins, a scaly anteater, whose scales are highly prized in Eastern medicine and who are regularly trafficked for food and their scales, could account for the link between the bat (where the virus is reliably believed to have originated) and us humans. The virus may have travelled from bats, to pangolins (the most illegally traded animal in the world) onto humans.[Quite a leap this!] The jury is still out on this. However,as a society, our focus on intensive farming, depriving wild animals of their natural habitats has necessarily brought them into an ever-increasing proximity to humans and we can expect more of this type of viral transmission in the future. – live organ trafficking, genocide, and relentless inhumane acts against religious minorities, widespread surveillance, monitoring of the masses – the list is endless.

The Yellow Brick Road – Where All that Glitters is Definitely Not Gold

Artistic Depiction of a Coronavirus - A Ball Shaped Virus With Spikes - Awakening Alchemy The New World Order is getting closer it seems, and if we turn a blind eye to it, it will be more than capitalism that goes the Chinese way. Meanwhile, coronavirus has us separated, as opposed to unified, distracted by the incessant negative energy of survival anxiety and fear. Cash is shunned because of germs apparently, yet the death of cash has long been part of the ICE19 plan; if all our money goes digital then it can be switched off just like that. CONTROL is the name of the GAME, perhaps?

Time to wake up, and if not now, then WHEN?

Photo of Li Hongzhi Founder of Falun Gong - Awakening Alchemy In my case as I’d ignored the message for a tad too long, at night before I fell asleep, I kept seeing a yellow flag with the red symbol in the upper left-hand corner, that was simply a reminder to look more closely at the message contained in the Shen Yun performance. So, I did some more research and was interested to discover an interview with Li Hongzhi in Time magazine, dated Monday May 10th 1999:

Q: Why does chaos reign now?

A: “There are many reasons, such as people no longer believe in orthodox religion, or they go to church but no longer believe in God to the same extent. They feel free to do anything.

The second main reason is, since the beginning of this century aliens have begun to invade the human mind, its ideology and its culture.

*Li Hongzhi was ridiculed for these remarks, [David Icke was also vilified for similar assertions – always try to keep an open mind and don’t approach things with a contracted heart] and has since stopped giving interviews, however this was over 20 years ago and currently I am working on a book called The Origin Codes and it is about an ET who comes down to earth and enters politics. Coincidence – or not?

Q: Where do they come from?

A: Today our teaching is more and more about science, so spirituality takes second place. Everyone thinks scientists invent, or discover things on their own – but they are manipulated by aliens. [And/or money funding research? My insert]The ultimate purpose is to replace humans through cloning.*

*I concur, in fact if you listen to the interview I gave recently on David Young’s – Paranormal Radio Show PARANORMAL DIMENSIONS https://t.co/z3hodMpBk1?amp=1 you will deduce that I am anti A.I. for that very reason.

A: continuedthey make earthlings have wars and create conflicts developing weapons using science, become ever more dependent on advanced science and technology. The military industry leads other industries such as computers and electronics. Modern science is destroying mankind – aliens have already constructed a layer of cells in human beings. The development of computers dictates this layer of body of cells to control human culture and spirituality and in the end the aim is to replace humans.

What is the Significance of Q and Where Does this Lead?

This synchronicity is most curious, as Li Hongzhi and his millions of followers believe, their practice, which includes elements of Buddhism and is, with meditation and practice, able to harness cosmic energy. Also, what I find interesting is the recurrence of the letter Q, as I noted in my earlier blog Numerology and the Illuminati: (https://www.moneymagnet.global/money-magnet/numerology-and-the-illuminati/). Q is the 17th letter of the alphabet and in numerology that correlates to the star of the Magi – for more on that click on the link to the above earlier blog.

A Q-Anon Poster - A Flaming Q in the Background - Awakening Alchemy Those of you free-spirited ones who don’t watch much mainstream media, [Way-2-Go Guys and Gals] you may have come across Q-Anon – If not, maybe you’d like to check it out as it’s always a great idea to do your own research. Those of you interested in finding out more about the background Q-Anon phenomena that now has a huge following, this YouTube series may be of interest:

There are 10 episodes in the series – watch it soon before the Thought Police [Going-Chinese- in Silicon Valley, hum?] take it down.

Cover of The Origin Codes - A Blue alien on a Purple Background - Kicking Butt - Awakening Alchemy Interestingly, the heroine my next book The Origin Codes, is an ET called QED. And whilst QED stands for Question, Explore, Discover, it is of course – as I just recently discovered, also an abbreviation of the Latin words “Quod Erat Demonstradum” which loosely translated means: that which is to be demonstrated, all what is to be shown. It is usually placed at the end of a mathematical proof to indicate that the proof is complete.

Indeed, part of QED’s mission is to solve the origin codes – Where does our DNA originate from and invite you to consider that, in fact, we may all be Star Seeds? My relative the famous cosmologist and mathematician, Sir Fred Hoyle had some excellent thesis along similar lines: Find about more and check out my interview called Cosmic Ancestry. https://www.moneymagnet.global/media/#toggle-id-5

Artists Rendition of Coronvirus - Awakening Alchemy


Q – Where Does this Lead?

A: It leads us to start AWAKENING to what is really going on behind the scenes and literally right under our noses!  

Coranovavirus Cartoon - Awakening Alchemy Coronavirus Casrtoon Featuring Stylised Bats - Awakening Alchemy



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